Tuesday, 2 May 2017

life lately

Seeing the numerous Nsync memes doing the rounds yesterday reminded me
that I'd not yet done my monthly update, so here it is...

Looking back over the month I've realised I've taken far fewer photos than usual and I'm not too sure why; I have phases with different social media apps (I switch between checking Twitter daily and ignoring Facebook, to ignoring Twitter and checking Facebook almost hourly) but I've always had a bit of a love affair with Instagram, but not lately. I'm not sure if the algorithum is beginning to have an affect on my enjoyment of the app or if the addition of Stories has meant I now feel I have to spend much more time on the app, meaning it now feels like a time-sucker; either way I'm not keeping up with those I follow nor have I posted as many of my own stories this month... all of which means I don't have all that many photos to share for my month round-up #sorrynotsorry

Hubs and I have enjoyed some evening walks, when the weather has been warm enough!

I also treated myself to some new slippers this month:

My first dahlias are going strong. I planted them at the end of March and they looked like this on 8th April...
They've grown beautifully so by 24th they looked like this:
They're itching to be put outside, but I'm leaving it until mid-May (when the threat of frost has passed). We've actually got some more plants to plant out, so hopefully by the end of May our garden will look more like a garden :)

Easter weekend was awesome, but you can read about that here.
As has become tradition, we took another photo of Hubs and our nephew after the St George's Day Parade they both take part in. This was Leighton's last as a Beaver as he moves up to Cubs in September, so this photo was even more special.
I can't wait to have a collection of photos tracking these two through the years; obviously I expect Leighton to change more than Tom but I suspect if we manage it for the full nine years, we'll see some changes in Tom too.

I ended the month with a hen do for my bestie who gets hitched in Dorset in June...
It's safe to say it was a good night that featured exceptional company, delicious food, countless laughs and far too much alcohol, oh and three blisters!

Here's hoping May is as good as April,
and that I find the motivation needed to capture more of it!