Wednesday, 5 April 2017

jobs around the house: april

I can't believe we're well into April already, a time of new growth in the garden, warmer days
and lighter evenings, and egg-cellent decor (see what I did there?)
It's once again time to share with you the five essential jobs that I feel are vital to do in April in order to keep your home looking its best and ensure you stay on top of your cleaning schedule...

1. Clean your windows
All the terrible weather of winter leaves your windows far from sparkly, and now that the sun is once again filling your home, streaming through said windows, every speck of dirt and every smear shows us, so it's time to clean them on the outside (after cleaning the inside last month). You'll need a bucket of warm, soapy water, a sponge and a squeegee; don't forget to run a damp cloth around the window frames to keep them looking great too.

2. Clean the wheelie bins
They store your rubbish until collection day week in and week out but when was the last time you gave such an essential piece of equipment a good scrub? April is the perfect time to get the hose and some disinfectant on your bins, leaving them to dry in the sun.

3. Clear gutters of winter debris
Winter doesn't half cause problems for homeowners, so if you've not yet done so, April is the perfect time to clear your guttering and downpipes of any debris (such as leaves, twigs, moss and anything else that has got caught in your guttering), to avoid blockages causing problems further down the line.

4. Touch up interior paintwork
Muddy wellies, rain-soaked pets and the general mess that accompanies winter can take their toll on your home, and with an extended Bank Holiday weekend this month, there's no better time than this month to touch up your interior paintwork; this is sure to make any room look clean and fresh with very minimal effort!

5. Deep clean your fridge freezer
While I hope you clean your refrigerator once a month (at least), the arrival of the warmer weather presents the perfect time to give your fridge and freezer a deep clean; throw out expired items and scrub everything. Don't buy any new food items and spend some time eating the things that are in date and have built up, so you can defrost your freezer to ensure it is working at its optimum.

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Happy Wednesday :)


  1. All great tips, but I can only claim to attempting the last one for a number of reasons. I started that today and it's amazing what you find in your own freezer isn't it? :) #HomeEtc

  2. Some great tips here. We are actually working our way through the freezer this week so we can defrost it so are having an excess of roast dinners this week! #homeetc

  3. Great tips. I cant wait to get finished in the house and garden so we can enjoy it for the summer x #homeetc

  4. These are such useful tips, I just need to put them into practice ;) X #HomeEtc