Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter weekend

I'm sooo in love with four-day weekends.
My work life hasn't been the best of late, so spending nearly 100 hours in my home or with the ones I love most in the world was just what my soul needed; well, it could have done with four more days but that'll have to wait until the end of May, when Hubs and I have a much-needed holiday booked :) 

With twice as much time available to us than a usual weekend, many things were accomplished, watched and eaten this weekend, as you would expect, but our highlights included...

Freshly painted nails
Friday night while watching Gardeners' World, I painted a couple of coats of Essie's Merino Cool onto my nails. I've not painted my nails as religiously as I used to; I just don't seem to find the time these days, so it was nice to make time and to have nice nails all weekend. I love this colour; it's perfect for spring and autumn, thanks to its mix of purple, grey and brown tones.

A spot of gardening
Despite painting my nails, I pulled on my gardening gloves and got on with some jobs on Saturday, including repotting my sunflower seedlings and sieving soil from The Mound to put into our raised bed - we figured it'd save us money as we wouldn't need to buy as much top soil :) Tom also moved some slabs from the driveway to the back garden.

Family time
After going out for a meal on Saturday night with Tom's youngest sister, their dad and his wife, we had my parents and Tom's sister, mum and step-dad round for a roast dinner on Sunday and it was lovely. Spending time with my family (both chosen and biological) feeds my soul; I know there are people who will always support and love me and I think that's what I needed most this weekend. It means so much to me that my parents get along with Tom's family and that days like Sunday can become a more regular occurrence once my parents have moved closer to us, which they hope to do next spring.

On Sunday, we went for a walk with most of the family (to walk off our roast dinner) around the fields near where we live and saw loads of calves and cows, a few chickens, heard the occasional pheasant and just enjoyed the spring scenery.

Yesterday, we managed to get out in the late afternoon for a walk and decided to head to Moira Furnace and Country Park for a stroll around the woods and along the canal. It's somewhere I've never been before but Hubs has been loads to canoe on the canal with the Scouts; I'd defo go back again, but I can imagine how busy it must get on nice weather days. 

While I haven't eaten any Easter eggs over the past four days, I have eaten far too many of these cute little nest cakes, not to mention having pudding on Saturday and Sunday - eekk!

13 Reasons Why
You all know how much I love a good TV show, so it'll come as no surprise to know that I binged these 13 episodes this weekend. I thought the show contained some fantastic performances (mainly from the main protagonist, Clay, and Mrs Baker), but agree with the critics who say the story is a little simplistic and doesn't really address the issue of mental health; instead it focuses on blaming other people and getting revenge on said people for a choice Hannah Baker made. Saying that, I would recommend it, so if you're after a new show, give it a try.

Happy Tuesday,

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