Tuesday, 28 February 2017

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I can't believe it's March tomorrow; where did February go?
This month has passed in the blink of an eye and there's much to share with you...

February was quiet and it was much needed, although I did suffer my first cold in approx 18 month, which was shitty, but I survived. The month saw another Valentine's Day go un-celebrated in the Hyde household; bridesmaid dresses were secured for my bestie's wedding in June; and my little brother got engaged! Hubs and I also got hooked on Person of Interest on Netflix; have you seen it? 

I'm hoping we've said goodbye to the darkest and coldest days of winter.
I'm so glad to have survived another British winter. As much as I'm not built to withstand high temperatures, the biting winter wind, the pelting rain and the darkness that's all too frequent in the winter months is not my jam either!

I've been filling almost every corner of my home with fresh spring flowers to keep the winter blues away, which hasn't been all that great for this year's No Spend February.

And, I've been documenting parts of my month via Instastories...
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Happy Tuesday,

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