Thursday, 9 February 2017

jobs around the house: February

In the second of my year-long series, I'm bringing you five jobs to do around the house this month to ensure you stay on top of your cleaning, because we all want to be one of those homeowners who always has a spotless house, right?!

1. Deep clean your hall/entryway 
With the bulk of the nasty weather behind us, February is the ideal time to scrub walls and wipe down skirting boards and door frames, because, if your house is anything like mine, mud seems to find its way everywhere - and I don't even have kids or pets!

2. Vacuum behind and underneath furniture 
I dunno about you but I hardly ever move the sofa and vacuum underneath/behind, so there's no better time than February to do just this god-awful chore.

3. Buy new furniture
This may sound like an odd one to include, but February is the perfect time to invest in any new furniture you may need for your home. Why, I hear you ask, well the new ranges hit furniture showrooms twice a year (February and August - which also means January and July are the best times to pick up a bargain) therefore if you want the best quality and the newest styles then February is the perfect time, especially if you were one of the thousands of people who engaged in a little post-Christmas redecoration :)

4. Clean up high and down low
We often neglect what we can't see, so make February the month you  cast your eye both high and low and give some much needed attention to your light bulbs and fittings, ceiling fans, door frames and skirting boards, the top of the fridge, those high shelves and the tops of your kitchen cupboards.

5. Organise your digital files
With the fine weather still sporadic this month, take advantage of grey, miserable and/or wet weekends by sorting out your computer files, be it organising your iTunes library and deleting duplicates, transferring photos from your phone/SD card to your computer and choosing which ones to print out, or just running a clean up and anti-virus scan, there's plenty you can do.

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Happy Friday-eve!


  1. GAH!! Organise digital files!!!!! This is DEFINITELY one for me!!! I bought a new work Mac back in November, then father Christmas kindly bought me a Macbook pro for Christmas and already they're starting to get clogged up with a bazillion images and documents. I need to do this — thanks for the prompt!! #HomeEtc

    1. Haha, you're welcome Caro! It's definitely one of those jobs that gets forgotten about; then you find yourself cursing past-us when you finally get around to sorting it out! x

  2. Cleaning high and low YES! The sunshine really does show it all up! Great tips thanks. Thanks for linking up & sharing - Jess xx


    1. Thanks, Jess. While a welcome and nice sight, the sun really does pee me off this time of year as it shows up all the cleaning I've neglected to do! x