Tuesday, 28 February 2017

life lately

I can't believe it's March tomorrow; where did February go?
This month has passed in the blink of an eye and there's much to share with you...

February was quiet and it was much needed, although I did suffer my first cold in approx 18 month, which was shitty, but I survived. The month saw another Valentine's Day go un-celebrated in the Hyde household; bridesmaid dresses were secured for my bestie's wedding in June; and my little brother got engaged! Hubs and I also got hooked on Person of Interest on Netflix; have you seen it? 

I'm hoping we've said goodbye to the darkest and coldest days of winter.
I'm so glad to have survived another British winter. As much as I'm not built to withstand high temperatures, the biting winter wind, the pelting rain and the darkness that's all too frequent in the winter months is not my jam either!

I've been filling almost every corner of my home with fresh spring flowers to keep the winter blues away, which hasn't been all that great for this year's No Spend February.

And, I've been documenting parts of my month via Instastories...
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Happy Tuesday,

Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday favourites

Happy Friday, blogland!
How's your week been? I spent the early part of the week ill with a horrendous cold, but I'm feeling pretty much back to my old self today; only problem now is it seems Hubs has caught my cold, so looks like we'll be having another relaxing weekend, which is fine by me - I love nothing better than a weekend at home!

I've been loving the sight of spring flowers all over the house this week and have even noticed some signs of spring popping up in the garden, including the yellow crocuses I planted back in October. 

Talking of spring flowers, how gorgeous are these tulip wreaths by The Big Door Wreath Company!
I love a wreath on my front door (I have autumn, Christmas and Easter wreaths) and these gorgeous tulip wreaths (as well as the spring flower wreaths) are fantastic way to brighten up your door (and street) with a colourful splash of spring; and you'd never know they were made from silk - they look so real - meaning they'll last for years, which at £45 makes them a bit of a bargain, not to mention you'd be supporting a small British business! You can order your own here

The new White Company catalogue dropped through my door this week and I saw so many things I wanna buy, including this and that; but I'm trying to be good and less materialistic, so who knows if I actually will buy them!

The gorgeous Emma from Life at Little Wood wrote a gorgeous and heart-felt piece this week that's well worth the read. As did Hannah, albeit taking a different look at blogging.

And finally, my beloved Backstreet Boys released a new video this week for their duet with Florida Georgia Line and I love it!

Happy Friday!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

silent Sunday

There's so little to take photos of outside at the moment; 
but there's beauty in the barren, you just have to look for it.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

7 ways to add colour to your home

You can transform any room from boring to beautiful with a splash of colour.
The easiest, and cheapest, way to do this is not with paint but with accessories...

1. Cushions - the quickest and easiest way to add colour to your home is with bright and bold cushions on your sofa and/or armchairs. Matalan always have a great inexpensive selection, which means you can follow in my footsteps (much to my husband's dismay) and change your cushions with the seasons to inject a burst of fresh colour every three months :)

2. Trim - while we're on the subject of soft furnishings, a simple way to add colour as well as a personal and unique touch to any colour scheme is by adding a colourful trim to curtains, cushions and throws. This is a particularly good idea if you're slightly scared of colour as it'll enable you to build up your colour confidence with very little effort, or commitment. 

3. Art - whether it's family photos, a favourite poster, painted self-portrait or framed pieces of wallpaper, there are countless ways in add colour to your home by adorning your walls with an array of art. All the art in my home means something to me, because (for me) there's nothing worse than seeing generic art in someone's home; in my opinion, it adds nothing. Your home is yours and only yours and it should give visitors a clue as to the people who live there :)

4. Cookware - the kitchen can be the hardest room in the house to add personality and colour as its often not practical to add colour to such high-traffic areas, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative; invest in colourful cookware and display it around the room, for example: utensil pots, a casserole dish on the hob or teapots and mugs on open shelving.

5. Plants & flowers - whether it's a vase of rainbow tulips, potted daffodils or deep green succulents, there are countless ways to bring s bit of outside in, while also adding a splash of colour. My house currently has a vase of tulips, two pots of potted daffodils, two vases of cut daffodils, a growing hyacinth, an orchid and numerous potted succulents scattered around downstairs because I need some joy and colour in the room during these dark winter days.

6. Customise furniture - last year I jazzed up a boring pine bookcase with Annie Sloan paint and I still can't believe just how simple it is. If you're not keen on painting a piece of furniture you could always change the knobs on a chest of drawers or back the shelves of a sideboard with wallpaper.

7. Quirky touches - whether it's a bright teapot used as a plant pot, a shelf full of your collection of coloured glass or bright dinner plates, or painting each individual spindle on your staircase a different shade, there are numerous ways to add colour to your home in a way that's truly unique to you; just let go and have fun with it. 

Happy Wednesday,

Thursday, 9 February 2017

jobs around the house: February

In the second of my year-long series, I'm bringing you five jobs to do around the house this month to ensure you stay on top of your cleaning, because we all want to be one of those homeowners who always has a spotless house, right?!

1. Deep clean your hall/entryway 
With the bulk of the nasty weather behind us, February is the ideal time to scrub walls and wipe down skirting boards and door frames, because, if your house is anything like mine, mud seems to find its way everywhere - and I don't even have kids or pets!

2. Vacuum behind and underneath furniture 
I dunno about you but I hardly ever move the sofa and vacuum underneath/behind, so there's no better time than February to do just this god-awful chore.

3. Buy new furniture
This may sound like an odd one to include, but February is the perfect time to invest in any new furniture you may need for your home. Why, I hear you ask, well the new ranges hit furniture showrooms twice a year (February and August - which also means January and July are the best times to pick up a bargain) therefore if you want the best quality and the newest styles then February is the perfect time, especially if you were one of the thousands of people who engaged in a little post-Christmas redecoration :)

4. Clean up high and down low
We often neglect what we can't see, so make February the month you  cast your eye both high and low and give some much needed attention to your light bulbs and fittings, ceiling fans, door frames and skirting boards, the top of the fridge, those high shelves and the tops of your kitchen cupboards.

5. Organise your digital files
With the fine weather still sporadic this month, take advantage of grey, miserable and/or wet weekends by sorting out your computer files, be it organising your iTunes library and deleting duplicates, transferring photos from your phone/SD card to your computer and choosing which ones to print out, or just running a clean up and anti-virus scan, there's plenty you can do.

You can check out January's jobs here.
Home Etc

Happy Friday-eve!

Friday, 3 February 2017

trendwatch: greenery

At the beginning of the year, the authority on colour, Pantone, named Greenery their colour of 2017...

"A refreshing and revitalising shade, 
Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings."

Synonymous with renewal and therefore the arrival of spring, Greenery is the perfect shade to inject into your home over the coming months. Whether you live in the country, by the coast or in a city, adding touches of green to your home will help you connect with Mother Nature and the natural world, breathing oxygen into your life and leaving you feeling invigorated!

So, whether you want subtle touches or bold statements, here are some inexpensive ways to bring this gorgeous colour into your home this spring...
Graham & Green floral knob, £3.95

M&S Saloon mug, £8

Laura Ashley willow leaf mirrored photo frame, £8

Debenhams parrot jar, £14

Ikea cactuses, £15 (set of three)

 Le Creuset salt and pepper mill, £28 each

Zara basket with handles, £29.99

Cox & Cox cotton throw, £65 

Fresco 'Green Branches' wallpaper, £10.99 per roll