Tuesday, 3 January 2017

weekend #53

The last weekend of 2016 was a wonderful one.

Hubs and I hosted a New Year's Eve party on Saturday night for friends and family so the majority of the day was spent preparing for a gathering of our nearest and dearest...
We had soooo much food and soooo much drink; I think we went a little overboard, but I guess it's better to have stuff left over than for people to leave hungry. I didn't take any photos during the party as I wanted to be in the moment and just 'live' the remaining minutes of the year. As the clock struck midnight, we all stood mesmerised by London's fireworks (on the TV), which I thought were amazing this year. The final guests left around 2:15am, so we did a little bit of tidying before hitting the hay at 3am.

Understandably, we weren't good for much just a few hours later when we woke, so we spent the first waking hour or so of Sunday relaxing in bed with a brew...

...before coming downstairs to tackle the rest of the tidying up!

Every New Year's Day we meet my parents for a walk around Bradgate Park, and despite the wind and the rain, this year was no exception...
Our evening was spent at Tom's mum's house, eating even more food and having a laugh with family.

As our last day off work, Monday was the designated day for taking down the trimmings and getting the house straight again after the chaos of the past ten days...
One last shot of her in all her glory!

I think Tom gets real pleasure from chopping up and disposing of our Christmas tree. Top tip: bring your garden bin inside and chop the tree down in the house - this limits the area in which needles drop :)

Everywhere looked so bare but fresh and clean once the decorations had been put away for another year...

And that's it, my last weekend recap post for 2016 and part of 2017.

I have decided not to continue these weekly recap posts for 2017; instead, I'll probably do a monthly 'life lately' post to keep you all updated on our goings on. My thinking is that it'll make blogging about extra special weekends more fun, for both you to read and me to write :)

Here's to a short week going quickly!

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