Monday, 9 January 2017

styling the seasons: winter

Now that the twelfth night has passed, I hope you have all taken down your Christmas decorations.

I don't know about you, but my home can look and feel bare once the Christmas decorations have come down, and while I am happy things are fresh and clean, it can be a little depressing, especially with the gloom January inevitably brings with it. So today, I want to share with you how I've styled my home post-Christmas to ensure there's plenty of excitement to starve off those January blues, while embracing this particular season...

1 | Keep the rain, mud and snow out with high quality, durable door mats at every entrance/exit.
Also, make sure shoes are removed at the door and slippers are worn throughout the house; not only will this keep your toes toasty on cold nights, it'll also ensure dirt and grim from outside stays outside - make sure you keep outdoor shoes off carpets at all costs! You could even invest in this or this.

2 | Create a cosy home by adding layers and texture. 

During winter especially, bare tables and sofas are too stark, so add a table cloth and runner, as well as throws, cushions and blankets to your sofas and chairs. Layering textures throughout your home (at any time of the year) makes it more inviting. If, like me, you've not got carpets downstairs, then you'll know how cold your home can feel at times, so the winter time is the perfect time to throw down some high quality, faux fur rugs for added warmth.

3 | Keep the fire stoked, or the central heating on (even if it's on low to 'tick over'). 
There's nothing better when it's cold and dark outside than the crackle and glow of a fire. Colder outdoor temperatures can make even the warmest home feel cold, so ensure you, your family and your home stays comfortable, cosy and inviting by ensuring it's warm.

4 | Add accessories, such as candles and plants/cactuses.
I burn a different scent for each season (just like The White Company #notanad) and fill the rest of my candle holders with unscented tea lights to ensure just one scent fills my home. Plants look good in your home at any time of the year but when outside is so barren and bare, it's nice to see touches of greenery throughout your home - just don't forget to water them! I also have different cushions for each season, which my hubby thinks is a little excessive, but I love swapping the cushions when a new seasons rolls around!
5 | Sneak in snippets of spring with bunches of fresh flowers. 
I've already bought my first bunch of daffodils and my first bunch of tulips for 2017 and while it may be too early for spring, seeing these little yellow flowers brighten the corners of my home makes me smile, on even the darkest, coldest, earliest morning!
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Do you change your décor with the season?


  1. Lovely post Laura! Keeping control of those muddy footprints is a nightmare - the streets are so filthy. I just bought a new doormat to help! Pretty daffodils too x #HomeEtc

    1. Thanks Lizzie; I'd love to know what it is that's on the streets and roads at this time of year that makes everywhere so filthy! x

  2. I'm so envious that you got snow! I think it may snow tomorrow in London (fingers crossed). I love your wood burner, that and the yellow daffs really make your home look super cosy and welcoming.

    After a break away from Linky Parties it’s great to be back on the #HomeEtc bandwagon!

    1. Thanks, Nancy; the snow pic is actually from last January - I'm kinda hoping the predicted snow for this week doesn't come until the weekend when I have nowhere to be, so I can enjoy it :) x

  3. Wow - daffodils already, that's perked me right up! You're right about the place looking bare once the Christmas decs are down. #homeetc

  4. Love getting more cosy in winter and adding softer textures in. Ours looks bare but nice to back to normal again and no glitter ha ha!

    Great to be back again with #HomeEtc for another year! Welcome back, we've missed it! Jess xx

  5. great tips, January is a good time for adding to the home, after all the xmas sparkle. #homeetc

  6. YES to removing shoes at the door!! We never used to insist on this, but we had a new carpet at the end of last year and it's been something we've done ever since. Makes such a change to the feel of our home. So nice to see big bunches of daffs and tulips in the shops isn't it? I came back with an armful of pink tulips yesterday! Happy new year to you lovely — here’s to another fab year of #HomeEtc 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up! xx

  7. Lovely ideas here. I love changing my home as the seasons change. I have had a couple of bunches of tulips too!! #HomeEtc