Friday, 6 January 2017

plan the perfect party

On New Year's Eve, Tom and I hosted the first party in our new home.
We've had small gatherings before but this was the first time a significant number of people would be in our home at the same time - it was a tad daunting to say the least. I had numerous nightmares which included: no-one turning up, not doing enough food and even red wine being spilt on my 'oatmeal-coloured' sofa. However, things went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all, so I though I'd share with you my five top tips for planning and hosting a party in your own home...

1 | Do a clean through the day before - not only will this make everywhere shiny and sparkly for your guests, it'll make the post-party clean up easier and quicker. Make sure you pay particular attention to the toilet and don't forget to clean up high (lampshades and door frames) and down low (skirting boards and under furniture).

2 | Stick with simple but effective decorations - balloons, a nice table cloth and table confetti, party poppers and matching serving dishes will give your home that 'party' look without costing you a fortune or the need to redecorate! As you can see, I went with gold balloons and a gold table cloth, and used white serving dishes with a black slate cheeseboard. As it was a New Year's Eve party I left my Christmas decorations up, which added an extra element to the party d├ęcor.
If you're a talented crafter, you could even DIY your decorations - I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube you could follow; you definitely don't want advice or tips from me on that front :)

3 | Create a party playlist - using either Spotify or your iPod, compile a playlist of songs that'll have the party going all night! Start with some easy listening tracks (mainly for background noise while people arrive and catch up with people they've not seen for a while) then move the tunes on to songs that'll have your guests boogieing the night away - don't forget to include Auld Lang Syne for midnight celebrations if you're throwing a NYE bash!

4 | Make sure you have every guest's favourite drink available - from soft drinks for those designated drivers (don't drink and drive, kids) to red, white and rose wine, and cans and bottles of larger for the beer drinkers to an array of spirits for everyone else, providing a varied selection ensures everyone is happy. Alternatively, you could request everyone brings their own booze when sending out invitations.
We provided a shit-ton of drinks and beverage choices at our party but still found people brought their own!

5 | Serve finger food - not only will this make the party preparation easier - no big meals to cook or prepare - it also makes the clean up easier too. Serving finger food means you shouldn't need to provide cutlery (one less thing to wash up afterwards) and it also means you won't look cheap offering guests paper plates and plastic cups.

Planning and hosting a party for your loved one doesn't have to be stressful or expensive;
just make sure you're organised and follow my top tips :)

Have a great weekend,

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