Monday, 30 January 2017

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I love writing about the everyday moments, the things that make life our own, the things we wish we could capture and relive forever, which is why (after deciding at the start of the year to no loner write about each weekend) I've instead vowed to do a blog post (once a month) recapping the things we've been up to lately...
January has been a longgggg month; I'm so pleased it's finally over and while I hate wishing my life away, the month seems to drag every year but this year has been particularly bad, which I think I can blame on the terrible weather.
Sooooo many days have been dull, grey and miserable, so I've hardly seen any sunlight, going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, although the last week or so the mornings have been lighter. I did enjoy the day of snow we got mid-month, although I would have preferred it had it come at the weekend! I'm looking forward to lighter and longer days throughout February!

January has been pretty quiet, which was nice after the chaos of Christmas and New Year.

But we have has some fun. We took Hubs' mum and step-dad out for an Indian as their Christmas treat; we never really know what to buy them at Christmas and in traditional parent fashion they always insist we don't buy them anything! So as they were away on a cruise for Christmas this year, Hubs and I decided it'd be nice to take them out for a meal as our gift, combined with the opportunity to spend some quality time with them.

We finally bought a bird feeding station and set it up in the garden...
The birds have so far failed to locate this buffet, which is a shame, but I think it's because there's not much else around to tempt them, so come springtime we'll be focusing on getting some plants and trees into the garden.

The one thing that makes January a little more bearable for Hubs and I is his birthday on the 26th...
As a Thursday this year, we didn't do much on his actual birthday (just a nice tea followed by pudding), but we had friends visit for the weekend; and we even went out for breakfast, which always feels really extravagant for me, as I only really eat out for breakfast on holiday and at special occasions.

We've also spent some quality time with Izzy this month :)

And finished off the Christmas chocolates...

I guess January could have been worse.

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