Monday, 12 December 2016

weekend #50

I love three days weekends #thisyouknow
As Hubs and I had Friday off work, our day started later than usual, although not by that much for me as it was time, once again, for my smear test - such a horrible way to start a day off, but it is so necessary. I know a number of women who probably wouldn't be here now if it weren't for regular smear tests, so if you're one of the many thousands of women who put them off each year, stop what you're doing right now and make an appointment... it might just save your life.

Ok, lecture over :)

To reward my courage and bravery, I returned home to watch the mid-season finale of Supernatural with a brew.

Originally, Hubs and I had booked Friday off in order to get some jobs done, including getting the Christmas tree, so once Supernatural was over and Hubs was dressed, we headed out to our local farm to buy this year's Christmas tree...
We settled on a five foot Nordmann Fir; last year we bought a more traditional Norway Spruce, but as they drop their needles like nobody's business, the poor thing barely made it to Boxing Day. So this year we've opted for a type that retains its needles better, as well as buying it a week later than last year! The afternoon was spent doing a few more jobs, such as Christmas gift shopping, laundry and making dinner. 

At 7:30pm, with my glad rags on, I picked up my mother-in-law for the second of my festive Friday-night celebrations (last week was with friends and next week is with work) for a Christmas party organised by our Zumba instructor.
The party was free, but everyone who went had to bring one thing for the buffet (SUCH a great idea btw) and we danced the night away... well until 11:15pm when the MIL and I decided to call it quits and head home to our respective beds.
I wish I'd managed a lay in on Saturday but alas, it is the festive season and it was not to be; we were up early to head to our local Costco with my parents to stock up ready for Christmas...

I hardly took any photos on Saturday - I was too busy, running around Costco, spending some time with my mum before she went on her cruise, and decorating our Christmas tree, which always stresses me out; why can't the elves come and decorate it for me?
When things were decorated, I took a few photos for a blog post I hope to publish later this week;
I know, such a treat for my readers to get more than just a weekend recap!

With my month's free trial of Netflix still active, Hubs and I decided to spend the evening watching a Chris Evans film called Before We Go - it was ok, funny in places, definitely thought provoking and it was well acted, but the storyline was a little mushy for me.

 Sunday started lazily...

I spent the morning faffing with decorations before photographing them in the light...

 ...while Hubs washed the car (what the hell is on the roads right now that makes the car so filthy?!) and collected our nephew, Leighton who was spending the day with us...

After a dinner of gammon, sausages, fried eggs and chips (I enjoyed a veggie version), Hubs, Leighton and I rounded off our weekend with a walk through wet, slippy, puddle-filled fields with Izzy...

Have a great week!

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