Thursday, 15 December 2016

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I know, I must be the last blogger in the whole world to share their Christmas decorations for 2016,
but alas, this is what I'm here to share with you today, via a mash-up of daylight and evening photos.
Last year, we'd only lived in our home for about 10 weeks when I decorated for Christmas (you can see last year's display here), so this time around things seems to fit better; the house itself is more lived in and I feel as if I know the spaces and how we use them better than I did 12 months ago. 


We only have a small hallway, so there's not much space to decorate but I am happy with these festive touches...


Last year we opted for a traditional Norway Spruce, but our new build home was far too hot for the poor thing and there were many bare branches by Boxing Day, so this year we've opted for a smaller Nordmann Fir in the hope that she'll last until our New Year's Eve party...
We also bought a new stand with a bigger reservoir, so we won't need to top the water up on a daily basis.

Around the rest of the room, I've placed a few festive bits 'n' pieces...

This year we have these Ikea shelves above the sofa (which I still love); I added the fairy lights back in October (fairy lights are totally an autumn/winter decoration not just for Christmas, in my opinion), but to make it feel a little more Christmasy, I bought this Nordic pompom garland, which I got from Wilko :)


When we saw the floor plans for our home, I dreamed of having two trees at Christmas time, so I have the real one in the bay window and another artificial one by the French doors. This tree has a set of red lights and a handful of decorations, including our treasured, handmade L and T, which were gifted to us a couple of years ago by the beautiful Kelly.

And that's it!
If you'd like to know where any of the items above are from, just let me know :)

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