Tuesday, 29 November 2016

weekend #48

Another Monday where time ran away from me and I didn't get time to write this post...

Some weeks, these weekend recap posts are harder to do; this week was one of those weeks! I hardly took any photos on Saturday, mainly because I was too busy living in the moment, not worried about capturing it.

Saturday started early, with a 7:45am alarm with the hopes of being out the house for 9am... We made it for 9:15, but it was all good cuz Hubs still made his 10am appointment at the bank.
While Tom 'reviewed his accounts', I browsed the shops and surprise, surprise ended up buying more new Christmas decs. Around 11am I headed to my friend's house for a long overdue catch up; we've not seen one another for 18 months or so - why does life get so busy?! We've both moved house and she's got a 14-year-old son to deal with so it's understandable but it still sucks that we don't hang out every weekend like we used to as teenagers!

After a couple of hours with her and her super cute pooch, Bella, I drove over to meet my mum for a psychic taster session that included three readings for £12. Since my Nana's passing in February my mum has taken a deeper interest in spiritually, which has brought her a lot of comfort. I'm open-minded if not a little sceptical, so I thought this taster session would be a great way to see what all the fuss is about. Of the three readings, one was utter horse shit (literally everything he could have got wrong he did) but the other two were good, one a little more accurate than the other. I won't go into too much detail but I will say, no matter what you believe, I had an interesting afternoon and I got to spend some time with my mum one-on-one, which is always welcome.

After dinner at my mother-in-law's and doing the food shop, I was knackered so hit the hay about 10pm!

Oh, how I love Sundays and my beloved lay in!

I spent my morning preparing veg, cooking a roast dinner and doing a few loads of washing, all at a snail's pace to make the most of a relaxing Sunday at home.

How good are those Yorkies though?! #bestyet

After dinner, we headed out for a walk and I have to confess, it felt pretty barren out there this week...
I actually can't wait for November to end this year; in previous years I've found some beauty in the month (crunchy fallen leaves, the magical glow of sunset and stormy evenings), but this year I've really struggled with the dark mornings, seemingly never-ending evenings and cloudy, grey and sometimes downright miserable days! I'm looking forward to the magic and beauty of Christmas... less than four weeks to go!!

Have a great week :)

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