Tuesday, 8 November 2016

weekend #45

Another week when Monday runs away from me, making me late with my weekend post...

Saturday started bright and mild...

After a lazy breakfast on the sofa and a few chores done, Tom and I headed out to a nearby retail park for a spot of shopping; I've been itching to head to Homesense for a few weeks now and this weekend we finally made it, not before stopping off at Costa for a chocolatey winter treat (for me at least)...

There was so much good stuff in Homesense; I must have spent a good hour and a half in there!
As well as some faux flowers and a Kilner jar, I bought the above treasures ready for Christmas! I can't wait to make the house all Christmasy; it was difficult last year as we'd only lived in the space for less than three months but this year I know the space better and I have a clearer vision for the winter wonderland I want to create.

Our afternoon was spent at home, Hubs feeling unwell on the sofa and me doing a few jobs (including the weekly food shop) before taking time to relax before dinner, which was veggie fajitas #yummy

With most of the country headed out on Saturday night to watch some fireworks, Tom and I decided to stay in, in the warm, and catch up on some TV.

I got a lay in on Sunday...

...before cracking on with cooking the roast dinner for my mum, dad and Izzy arriving at 1:30pm.

After dinner, and a delicious Twix cheesecake pudding (!), we headed out for our weekly walk, and were joined this week by my younger brother and his girlfriend and her dog, Barnaby :)
The trees are really losing their leaves now and everywhere looks a little worse for wear; winter is on the horizon and I'm not sure I like it! I don't feel ready - Christmas is less than seven weeks away, which means in little over eight weeks time it'll be 2017, WTF?!

Have a great week!

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