Monday, 24 October 2016

weekend #43

I spent so much time at home this weekend and it was glorious :)
It's funny how you can love in equal measure spending time away from home, enjoying new adventures and making memories, and spending time at home, doing simple almost mundane things. This weekend fell into the latter, but it was more than fine with me...

I got a lay in on Saturday and it was much needed, but my morning was still pretty slow and laid back.
I enjoyed a cuppa while reading a magazine, something I've not done in soooo long; it was great and really put me in the mood for getting a ton of jobs done throughout the day, including: washing the windows, cleaning the floors, four loads of laundry, dusting, hoovering, washing up, filing and cleaning the bathrooms - I live such a glamorous life :)

After completing so many jobs, I wasn't good for much Saturday night so Hubs and I chilled out on the sofa; there wasn't a lot on TV, but we did find, and got into, a few episodes of Criminal Minds, so we didn't go to bed until midnight!

One of my absolute favourite things is to wake up on the weekend to a clean house, and after all the work on Saturday, I felt proud and accomplished on Sunday; what made it even better was the great night's sleep I'd had, which is rare for me lately.

With my parents' due round at 1:30pm, Hubs and I spent the morning preparing and cooking the roast dinner...

Mum and I left Tom at home this week and went on a stroll just the two of us; it was nice and we were in awe of the changing autumn landscape...
Everywhere seems so autumnal at the moment, but it feels late - do you think it feels late too? I'm sure, last year, things were feeling and looking this autumnal before now! Either way, I do love it and days like Sunday remind me why I love autumn so much: blue skies, crunchy leaves underfoot, trees in a blaze of reds, oranges and yellows, that cool crisp air that lets you know it's not summer, even if, when the sun is shining, it kinda feels like it could be!

Our gorgeous walk was capped off with a delicious slice of cake and a strong cuppa :)

A pretty uneventful weekend, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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