Monday, 17 October 2016

weekend #42

This weekend ranks among one of the best so far this year!
It was filled with love and laughter; my love for hubs and his mutual love for me, and our friends' love on their magical wedding day.

After a lazy breakfast, Saturday began at our local farm, where we scoured the patch and picked the perfect pumpkin...
It was so fun to spend the morning wandering the field to find THE pumpkin for us :) We've not carved it yet (we'll probably do that later this week) but it was so much fun and it was so cute to see all the families and children there also picking out their pumpkins. It was the perfect way to spend some quality time together, just us, making memories and starting what I hope will become a new tradition, and it was so much nicer to get a pumpkin from the farm rather than from a supermarket!

After a visit to our local garden centre (to buy winter violas - unsurprisingly I went for the yellow ones) and a quick trip to get curry paste from the supermarket, we headed home for lunch...
We spent the afternoon doing an array of chores around the house, including making soup (for lunches this week at work), cleaning the car, planting more spring bulbs, laundry, ironing, cleaning upstairs and washing up. It felt sort of cathartic to get so much done and to just spend time in our home with a common goal.

I did stop for five minutes to admire the afternoon light filling the living room :)

For dinner we tucked into the ultimate comfort food: jacket spuds covered in cheese and beans. I love it because, for me, it's one of those true winter dishes, one that warms you from the inside out, while tasting absolutely delicious; I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful :)

With an early start on the cards for Sunday, we had showers, sorted out our finest clothes for tomorrow and hit the hay around 10pm because...

...Sunday was our friends' wedding. Once upon a time, the bride was a colleague of mine and although we no longer work together we've become good friends, regularly meeting up with other ex-colleagues-turned-friends for a catch up and gossip.
I love a good car selfie :)

The ceremony took place at the Sikh temple and although we didn't understand much of what was said, we were able to marvel at how stunning the bride and her groom looked, and how much love there was in the room for this couple, who are headed off on their honeymoon to Bali and Singapore on Tuesday (no, you're jealous, not me!)...
The party got well under way once all the formalities were over with (you know the drill) and we rocked our best Bollywood impressions on the dance floor! I'm so happy for my gorgeous friend and I would like to, once again, wish her and her new Hubby a lifetime of happiness :) It was so lovely to be surrounded by so much love; not only were the couple so clearly in love, their friends and family were so welcoming and showed us love in a different way. We tried so hard to be respectful, particularly at the temple, of something we knew very little about and I think that came across, because we were treated as just more people to celebrate and share the love with. I really do wish more people would live love-filled lives instead of spouting and spreading hate; I think that's the key thing I want to take away from the past weekend, because love really should always be the answer!

Here's to a love-filled week,

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