Monday, 3 October 2016

weekend #40

Autumn arrived this weekend, didn't it?
October rolls around and suddenly the temps drop, you notice the nights drawing in and there's a certain stillness to the air that screams autumn... and I love it.

Saturday started rainy and stayed that way pretty much all day :(
I love my new mug!

Saturday morning I cleaned the bedroom, had a shower and tided the kitchen while Hubs sorted out the bins, fixed his tent and did a food shop. We spent the afternoon enjoying the guided deer rut walk we'd booked onto with my parents. We went on a guided walk last October (just Tom and I) at the same park but sadly this one wasn't as successful; while we saw lots of deer, we saw no rutting, no calling/bellowing and no sh*gging!

Despite the rain and lack of action, we really enjoyed our walk; it's so nice to be able to wander (guided of course) around the side of Bradgate Park that usually isn't open to the public. However it was glorious to get home and warm up...

...before tucking into some delicious veggie-friendly fajitas for dinner.
We spent the night curled up on the sofa, the wind and rain battering outside, catching up on some recorded TV, including Hunted - has anyone watched it?

What a difference a day makes...

Sunday started bright and beautiful, which gave me the motivation to get a ton of jobs done, including cleaning the oven, hoovering up, loading the dishwasher, putting the roast dinner on, doing a load of laundry and cleaning the bathrooms, before my parents arrived with Izzy at 1:30pm.

With full bellies, we headed out at 3pm for a stroll in the sunshine...
It was so different from Saturday afternoon; the air was still, the sun was warm and surprisingly the ground wasn't too wet underfoot. I love this time of year and yesterday really felt like one of those special autumn days when you wish life could always be this way.

Have a great week!

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