Monday, 31 October 2016

weekend #44

Happy Halloween!
How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with festivities. I carved my pumpkin earlier in the week but I did add a few flourishes to the house this weekend, even if Halloween isn't especially 'big' here.

In no real rush to do anything or go anywhere in particular, Saturday morning began lazily with breakfast on the sofa while instastalking.

When we were dressed and motivated to venture out of our four walls, we decided to visit our local antiques centre for a browse...

... followed by a cuppa and a slice of apple pie and custard (which we shared) in the cafe :)

On the way home, we stopped off at a local market town for a mooch around the shops, where I managed to get another Christmas present (!), as well as a loaf of delicious bread for lunch once we got home...

While Tom was watching the footie results come in, I took the opportunity to sprinkle some Halloween scare around the house... well, mainly in a corner of the living room as well as outside by the front door ready for the trick or treaters we were expecting...
We had two lots of trick or treaters but I'm anticipating more tonight!

The evening was spent catching up on some recorded TV while Hubs began putting together a play list for his auntie's 70th birthday party in a couple of weeks. Despite the clocks going back at 2am on Sunday morning, I didn't get my extra hour; I could not sleep, so to avoid disturbing Tom, around 1am I went downstairs for a camomile tea, hoping it would soothe me into a slumber. It kinda worked but I chose to stay on the sofa in the living room so at least one of us had a decent night's sleep. I've not had a night like that for a long time - the last time I was like that was when I was at uni, so I attributed it to stress. As I'm not currently stressed about anything, I think I have to blame the diet coke I drank with my pizza at dinner time on Saturday; I hardly ever have caffeine so when I do it really affects me - so it seems I won't be drinking diet coke after 2pm ever again, unless I know I have a late night ahead of me!

To take advantage of the extra hour, before heading to my parents' house for a roast dinner, Tom and I decided to hit up a local rural centre, mainly so I could check out their festive displays, and I was not disappointed...
I bought two little sledging mice to add to my numerous Christmas decorations :)

After a roast, mum, Tom and I headed out for a walk amongst the leaves and pretty trees...

Tired from the day and a shocking night's 'sleep', I spent an hour that evening on the sofa reading the November issue of Country Living before cutting Hub's hair then hitting the hay...

Have a great week and a frightful evening!

Monday, 24 October 2016

weekend #43

I spent so much time at home this weekend and it was glorious :)
It's funny how you can love in equal measure spending time away from home, enjoying new adventures and making memories, and spending time at home, doing simple almost mundane things. This weekend fell into the latter, but it was more than fine with me...

I got a lay in on Saturday and it was much needed, but my morning was still pretty slow and laid back.
I enjoyed a cuppa while reading a magazine, something I've not done in soooo long; it was great and really put me in the mood for getting a ton of jobs done throughout the day, including: washing the windows, cleaning the floors, four loads of laundry, dusting, hoovering, washing up, filing and cleaning the bathrooms - I live such a glamorous life :)

After completing so many jobs, I wasn't good for much Saturday night so Hubs and I chilled out on the sofa; there wasn't a lot on TV, but we did find, and got into, a few episodes of Criminal Minds, so we didn't go to bed until midnight!

One of my absolute favourite things is to wake up on the weekend to a clean house, and after all the work on Saturday, I felt proud and accomplished on Sunday; what made it even better was the great night's sleep I'd had, which is rare for me lately.

With my parents' due round at 1:30pm, Hubs and I spent the morning preparing and cooking the roast dinner...

Mum and I left Tom at home this week and went on a stroll just the two of us; it was nice and we were in awe of the changing autumn landscape...
Everywhere seems so autumnal at the moment, but it feels late - do you think it feels late too? I'm sure, last year, things were feeling and looking this autumnal before now! Either way, I do love it and days like Sunday remind me why I love autumn so much: blue skies, crunchy leaves underfoot, trees in a blaze of reds, oranges and yellows, that cool crisp air that lets you know it's not summer, even if, when the sun is shining, it kinda feels like it could be!

Our gorgeous walk was capped off with a delicious slice of cake and a strong cuppa :)

A pretty uneventful weekend, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Friday, 21 October 2016

autumn home

I love soooo many things about autumn - you can read some of them here - but the thing I think I love the most is cosy nights in; nothing beats them.
I love lighting candles, turning on the fairy lights and snuggling down under a throw and watching a movie or reading a book; for me, these are the key elements of autumn, and it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so. 

Magazines, blogs and even book shelves are awash with info on the latest interiors buzz word - Hygge (which I've been assured is pronounced 'hoo-ga'), which has no literal English translation (it's a Danish word) - which is all about cosiness, joy and general well-being, and autumn is the perfect time to bring a slice of this into your life!

Now that the days are shorter you're gonna have to rely on unnatural sources for your light and there's nothing better than numerous candles, which are considered a hygge essential.
The warm glow of candle light is a fantastic alternative to harsh lights in order to create a cosy atmosphere on dark evenings. I've always loved candle-light - I used to read by it as a teenager, much to my parents' annoyance; I love the cosy atmosphere it creates and while these days I rarely read by candlelight, I do light at least five tea lights every night. If you want to take this to the next level and are lucky enough to have a real fireplace or log burner then firelight literally and metaphorically warms up the coldest of homes.

Hygge is all about making you and your home happier, and nothing makes me happier than snuggling down on the sofa surrounded by a bunch of soft throws and comfy cushions, wearing my cosiest pyjamas - that's hyggee heaven right there! Whether you chose faux fur throw, sheepskin rugs or cashmere pyjama bottoms, the texture is super important for warming up your home - remember the Danish's winters are long and cold!

While you're curled up on the sofa, why not make an autumn/winter reading/watching list - just make sure it's something that feeds your soul as hygge is all about bringing a sense of well-being and comfort.
I've always got a reading list as long as my arm, so I'm going to attempt to get through some books before spring rolls around, and you can guarantee I'll stay up-to-date on Supernatural and a number of other shows!

Apparently the height of hygge season in Denmark is Christmas - the Danes go all out, celebrating with their nearest and dearest, but they don't go out into the cold, dark streets. No, they celebrate and socialise in one another's homes. Hygge socialising is all about simple, honest food; you know those comfort dishes you crave when the wind is howling and the rain's pouring down. If you want to bring more hygge into your life this autumn/winter, you can do all of the above but you're not doing it right if you don't nurture your social connections. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities with Halloween, Bonfire Night and the run-up to Christmas just begging to be spent with the ones you love!

While much of hygge is about creating a cosy space indoors, fresh air and a connection to Mother Nature is essential for our well-being so make sure you take time to get into the great outdoors!
Whether it's a woodland walk amongst crunchy leaves, an early morning stroll amidst a frost-bitten landscape, or snowball fights and plenty of sledging, time spent in the outdoors with the ones you love is the stuff of dream; it feeds your soul and reconnects you to nature and all its glory. Plus, you get to warm up by the fire with a delicious hot chocolate afterwards :)

Home Etc

Life With Munchers

Happy a hygge-filled weekend!

Monday, 17 October 2016

weekend #42

This weekend ranks among one of the best so far this year!
It was filled with love and laughter; my love for hubs and his mutual love for me, and our friends' love on their magical wedding day.

After a lazy breakfast, Saturday began at our local farm, where we scoured the patch and picked the perfect pumpkin...
It was so fun to spend the morning wandering the field to find THE pumpkin for us :) We've not carved it yet (we'll probably do that later this week) but it was so much fun and it was so cute to see all the families and children there also picking out their pumpkins. It was the perfect way to spend some quality time together, just us, making memories and starting what I hope will become a new tradition, and it was so much nicer to get a pumpkin from the farm rather than from a supermarket!

After a visit to our local garden centre (to buy winter violas - unsurprisingly I went for the yellow ones) and a quick trip to get curry paste from the supermarket, we headed home for lunch...
We spent the afternoon doing an array of chores around the house, including making soup (for lunches this week at work), cleaning the car, planting more spring bulbs, laundry, ironing, cleaning upstairs and washing up. It felt sort of cathartic to get so much done and to just spend time in our home with a common goal.

I did stop for five minutes to admire the afternoon light filling the living room :)

For dinner we tucked into the ultimate comfort food: jacket spuds covered in cheese and beans. I love it because, for me, it's one of those true winter dishes, one that warms you from the inside out, while tasting absolutely delicious; I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful :)

With an early start on the cards for Sunday, we had showers, sorted out our finest clothes for tomorrow and hit the hay around 10pm because...

...Sunday was our friends' wedding. Once upon a time, the bride was a colleague of mine and although we no longer work together we've become good friends, regularly meeting up with other ex-colleagues-turned-friends for a catch up and gossip.
I love a good car selfie :)

The ceremony took place at the Sikh temple and although we didn't understand much of what was said, we were able to marvel at how stunning the bride and her groom looked, and how much love there was in the room for this couple, who are headed off on their honeymoon to Bali and Singapore on Tuesday (no, you're jealous, not me!)...
The party got well under way once all the formalities were over with (you know the drill) and we rocked our best Bollywood impressions on the dance floor! I'm so happy for my gorgeous friend and I would like to, once again, wish her and her new Hubby a lifetime of happiness :) It was so lovely to be surrounded by so much love; not only were the couple so clearly in love, their friends and family were so welcoming and showed us love in a different way. We tried so hard to be respectful, particularly at the temple, of something we knew very little about and I think that came across, because we were treated as just more people to celebrate and share the love with. I really do wish more people would live love-filled lives instead of spouting and spreading hate; I think that's the key thing I want to take away from the past weekend, because love really should always be the answer!

Here's to a love-filled week,