Saturday, 3 September 2016

Utility/Cloakroom Tour

Today I want to take you through a door... this door to be precise...
I've already given you a tour of our living room, kitchen diner and master bedroom so I thought it was time I let you see the utility room and adjoining cloakroom to complete the downstairs tour of our home, which we've lived in for a year this month (say what?)!

While our Utility Room is small (but perfectly formed), the Cloakroom is pretty sizeable (as evident from the fact that is was used as storage until very recently)...

When we moved in the wall above the worktop was bare and I quickly realised that it was wasted space, so when we had our breakfast bar, dishwasher and bedroom wardrobes installed last December, we also had these cupboards and shelves put up in the utility room and it was an excellent decisions, if I do say so myself...

There's so much more storage in this room now and I love the fact that the two relatively boring to look at cupboards are broken up with shelves, the top of which houses our alcohol, whilst the bottom is home to some cook books.

The utility room leads into a large cloakroom, which at the moment is pretty bland and spacious, so we really need to think about some storage in this room as it'd be a great place to keep our recycling bags/boxes but they're just so unsightly, so something to disguise them or hide them would be fantastic!

So that's it; you've now seen the entire downstairs of my home :)
These two small rooms weren't the easiest to photograph,
but I hope you feel you have a true sense of the space.
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Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh I want your utility room please. I would happily live in there :-) #HomeEtc

  2. I love having a separate utility area - since we moved here we now have one and I love it! Keeps the hall free from shoes and stuff! Yours looks GREAT! Thanks for linking up much appreciated! Jess xx #HomeEtc

  3. Aaah be still my beating heart — a utility room and downstairs loo are on my wishlist of 'wants' for our next house!! I would LOVE one/both/either. Very envious!! thanks for sharing :) Caro #HomeEtc