Monday, 8 August 2016

weekend #32

This weekend has left me feeling pretty content...
I've not had a weekend so relaxed in a while and it was truly wonderful; I feel pretty refreshed today and I'm sure it's all because I enjoyed such a relaxing and restful weekend. I didn't do much, but that's the key; I've had so many busy weekends lately it was nice to just chill out and go with the flow.

I woke up before 7am on Saturday after a pretty terrible night's sleep (how hot was it thought?!) but after a social media stalk, I managed to drop back off to sleep for another couple of hours.

Once up, I had some breakfast, put a loads of washing on the line, but another load in the washing machine, and sat and read my book for about three hours; it was bliss (no, I've not quite finished this book yet; I'm not slow at reading, I promise, I just haven't had the time to sit and read).

Around 2pm, Hubs arrived home from his week away camping with the Scouts :)

To ensure he wasn't asleep by 3pm, we headed out to a local garden centre for a wander around, and an ice cream, after which we decided to head to a local pub for lunch...
With full bellies, we headed to Morrisons and Aldi to do the weekly food shop, before calling to to see Hubs' mum and stepdad, who had been out for the day to Leicester's Caribbean Carnival, which they loved!

We had pizzas for dinner and Tom retreated to bed about 9pm; I followed at around 11pm.

After a better night's sleep, we awoke on Sunday before 9am...
...and lazed about on the sofa in our pjs for a couple of hours.

Showered and dressed, we started cooking a roast dinner, ready for my parents' arrival at 1:30pm...
My homemade Yorkshire puddings just keep getting better and better!

As usual, we headed out for a walk after dinner; the sun was glorious and it felt like a proper summer's afternoon!

Once my parents had gone home, we had a visit from Tom's mum, sisters, nephew and sister's fiancé; I cooked some pizzas and we all tucked into a delicious fruit salad the MIL had made...

Once everyone had gone home, we watered the plants (I'm desperately hoping I've saved my sunflowers after the events of last week - if you didn't see my Instagram Story, the wind on Wednesday blew them over, broke the pot they were in and decapitated the tallest; I was pretty heartbroken!)...
 ...before collapsing into bed just before 10pm!

Although I'm on the final countdown to two weeks off from work, this past weekend was a wonderful way to slow down and get a taste of what my time off could be like. I've got a number of jobs I want to get done, but I also want to spend some quality time with Tom, who is off for one week with me. It's amazing how refreshed your body and mind feels when you give it time to just relax and unwind, instead of always being on the go!

Here's to a great week,

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