Thursday, 25 August 2016

nephew's day out

As anyone who reads my weekly 'weekend' posts knows, I love capturing the everyday, the simple, the things that make life our own, so when Tom and I had our nephew Leighton for the day, I knew I wanted to write about it.
It doesn't matter to me whether it's interesting to read for other people; I want to remember the day we had together. I love looking back over old blog posts and being reminded of little details I've forgotten; it's kinda like a diary, not under lock and key but online, for the world to read along too.

As it was such a beautiful day on Tuesday we wanted to do something that would keep Leighton entertained whilst enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, so the local farm with its array of animals and an outdoor play area (as well as a small indoor soft play) was perfect, especially as it cost just £2 each for me and Tom and £4 for Leighton...

I did think there would be more animals, but it was ok because they had loads of cute pigs...
We had a lovely morning and it was so nice to spend some undivided time with Leighton who turns seven next month!! He was so good and loved 'talking' to the pigs who all flocked to him, probably hoping for some food (we couldn't feed them because all the animals were on diets!). 

After some lunch back at home, we decided to take Izzy for a walk because Leighton loves her so much! It was super hot and Izzy clearly didn't want to go too far or walk too fast but the fields were stunning...

Happy Friday-eve :)

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