Wednesday, 10 August 2016

2016 to-do list

It's been almost 11 months since Hubs and I moved into our brand new home...
We've done a hell of a lot in that time; we've put in flooring throughout, we've installed new wardrobes in our master bedroom, we've had a breakfast bar fitted in the kitchen, we've had cupboards and shelves put up in the utility room, and we've got frames and mirrors popping up on the walls.

The warmer weather arrived and our attention turned to the outside mud pit; we've got a small lawn, we've got a base ready for a shed (it has been ordered) and we've got a proper patio and even some furniture so we can enjoy the space (weather allowing, of course).

We've worked really hard to transform our bland and blank house into the perfect home. However there are still a myriad of things I'd like to achieve before 2016 ticks over into 2017...

  • As our third bedroom is still a storage area, I want to buy a shelving system from IKEA for the cupboard in our bedroom so we can utilise it properly.
  • I wan to get a quote for the built-in TV unit from a local chippy; and hopefully get the unit built.
  • I would also like a quote from our electrician about moving the light above the dining table, installing lights above the kitchen cupboards and changing the light switches downstairs.
  • I need to buy the light fitting to go above the dining table.
  • I'd love to finally sort out gallery wall in our master bedroom.
  • Ideally, I'd like to buy a snuggle seat and/or a leather armchair and get rid of our nasty green leather sofa.
  • Build a raised bed.
  • Paint the fence.
  • Take delivery of the shed.
  • Order a wheelie bin store.
  • Cement in the bricks at the edge of the patio.
  • Lay paving in front of the shed.
  • Clear the hardcore that's leftover from the patio makeover.
  • Turf the remaining grass area.
  • Build a potting bench.
  • Take up the turf, bark and plants in the front garden; replace with stones and pots.
  • Put up motion-sensor security lights on the driveway and on the shed.

Home Etc
Fingers crossed time and money allows us to get all this done :)


  1. Sounds like you have lots of exciting plans :-) #HomeEtc

  2. I need to do EXACTLY this. It's such a good idea to create a snagging list isn't it? Although I fear, mine would be as long as my arm!!! You've inspired me to write a list of everything that needs doing!! Thanks for linking up, Caro #HomeEtc

    1. I love making lists so this is the perfect way to keep me on track :)

  3. GREAT idea! I did one myself recently - keep us posted :) Thanks for sharing, Jess xx