Monday, 25 July 2016

weekend #30

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered...
Even though it was super hot and muggy, Saturday was all about getting sh*t done; Hubs and I even wrote a proper to-do list! Two loads of washing were washed and hung out, the food shop got done, paperwork was sorted and filed away, the house got cleaned and we even ordered our shed (which will hopefully be delivered in about a month's time!) - we could not have been more productive in that heat.

By late afternoon, we were feeling sluggish, so while Tom chilled in the garden (watching the footie on his phone), I put the shopping away and sorted out dinner...

As it was Saturday night and it was far too hot to cook properly, we tucked into pizza followed by ice cream... and we most definitely did not eat the entire tub :) #ScoutsHonour #ImLying

We ate outside and continued to enjoy the peace and quiet long after dinner had digested...

It was a pretty perfect summer's night :)

Sunday started bright and early and, thankfully, slightly cooler than the previous day :)

The morning was spent doing more laundry, preparing a roast dinner and catching up with a friend who called in for a flying visit; it was nice and chilled.

It was our turn this week to do a roast for my parents, and whether it was the heat or because I was trying to do too many things at once but I burnt the roast potatoes and my Yorkshire puddings :( Saying that, three of the four plates were cleared (I couldn't stomach the roasties) and no-one complained, so maybe it was just me unhappy with my cooking!

As usual, we went for our post-roast walk with Izzy...

Hubs and I spent the next few hours putting up some awesome posters I found at; I chose three vintage-inspired travel prints for different locations we travelled to on our honeymoon to Australia.
I love them :)

After all that work, I made us a bit of dinner...

...then Tom did some ironing while I took some photos for a blog post later this week.

After a busy few months, it was nice to have a weekend at home, doing stuff we'd not had the chance to do. Putting those prints up in the dining room makes this house feel even more like home. We've not been here a year yet but it almost feels like forever, because our old house and all the problems we had living there seem like a lifetime ago. It's amazing how at peace your soul feels when you have somewhere you truly belong, and that's how I feel about this place :)

Mushy rant over; have a great week!

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