Monday, 27 June 2016

weekend #26

It's been well-documented that I love three-day weekend...
and this three-day weekend was extra special; it was all about my mum, as she turned 60 on Friday.

We both had Friday off work so decided to head to Hunstanton for a day at the seaside...

After a lovely stroll along the beach (looking for shells), we enjoyed a tray of chips on the sea front fighting off the seagulls before taking a mooch around the town centre... 

As a surprise, I'd organised Afternoon Tea at Heacham Manor Hotel, which I had thankfully managed to keep a secret from mum. However, as I had mentioned that I had something booked especially for her birthday, she had imagined all sorts of adrenaline-fuelled activities... so she was over the moon with her sedate and relaxing afternoon tea on the terrace with views of the neighbouring golf course :)
How stunning is that view though?!

After such a lovely Friday, I spent Saturday catching up on chores, including food shopping, cleaning, laundry and watching the week's recorded TV...

...while Hubs gave his friend (who is doing our patio) a hand :)

Later in the evening, we went for a meal with my parents, brother and his girlfriend, again to celebrate mum's birthday.
It was a delicious meal with fantastic company; I had a cheese, onion and chilli soup to start, cod au gratin for main and a chocolate ice cream sundae for pudding.

More chores (including ironing) followed on Sunday morning...

...and at 3pm we headed to my parents' house for a family barbecue, again to celebrate mum's milestone birthday - hey, if you can spread your birthday fun over three days, why the hell not?!

And we came home to our patio all but finished :) #yay

Despite many people being overcome with negative emotions and shouting loud about that which divides us, I've spent my weekend focusing on what unites us: love. It's been a hard weekend and there are so many things I think I'd like to say about the way the referendum went on Friday, but I'm choosing to see this whole situation like this: the two sides of the argument are the parents trying to decide how best to care for their child, our country. Understandably, both parents want the best for their child but at the moment they disagree on how best to do this; I'm hopeful we'll find some common ground and shared goals so we can work together to make the best of the situation, because I truly believe we're better together.

Oh and we're now officially half way through the year!

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  1. Beautiful photos! The seaside looked amazing! Craving some sunshine and blue sky here today for a nice trip out too! xx