Tuesday, 31 May 2016

weekend #22

Another three-day weekend done... I'm gonna miss these!
Three-day weekends really are the best, especially when you spend them mostly sleeping, shopping and spending time with loved ones. 

After falling asleep on the sofa on Friday night (as Hubs watched the footie), I was surprised to wake late on Saturday - who knew I needed so much sleep?! After a quick smootie for me and coffee for Hubs, we headed out to a local stone merchants to place an order for the materials we need to get our garden done, which will be started next weekend (and we're both stupidly excited about it)! 
On the way home (which involved lots of country lanes and sunshine), we stopped off at a local shed builder/supplier to price up the kind of shed we want; we think we've found the one we want but didn't place an order as we need to take some measurements and it'll be a few weeks before we're ready for it yet, so we thought it'd be best to hold off a little (not only do we have to get the patio and shed base laid, we also need to paint the fence before erecting said shed)!

Once we were home, Hubs decided to tackle some of the weeds that have sprung up seemingly overnight, while I watched, from the comfort of a picnic blanket on the small section of grass we do have :)

After a while I decided I couldn't watch any longer and helped out, potting up some seedlings and clearing the spring bulbs from the pots. We've now got some sweet peas, sunflowers and strawberries potted up :) 

That night I headed into Leicester to meet my bestie for dinner :)
Yes, this was as delicious as it looks!

Another late start on Sunday meant I only really had time to clean up and grab a shower before my parents arrived for our weekly roast dinner; we talked about their recent trip to Seville and our plans for the garden, amongst other things :)

After dinner, Hubs, mum, Izzy and I went for a walk...

I'm not quite sure what's going on but after my parents left, Hubs and I lazed around on the sofa for a while (I nearly fell asleep again!) but around 9pm we decided to watch American Hustle...
...which is an odd film; I'm not sure I liked it! Have you seen it?

Seriously, who needs this much sleep; I woke up about 10am but lazed in bed watching stuff on YouTube and Instastalking, getting up around 11:30am - I think I've regressed to being a teenager!

After some breakfast and a visit from Hubby's mum and step-dad, we headed for a browse around our local Go Outdoors, The Range and Currys/PC World, where Hubs treated us to a new laptop :)

I'll be glad to get back to work to get some routine back into my mornings!
How was your long weekend?


  1. This seems to be the perfect way to spend a three day weekend. Family, food, friends and of course napping! Pretty much doing anything semi-opposite to of what I'd do on a workday is an ideal weekend to me. The fish looks delicious!

  2. Your food looks delicious! That sounds like a great 3 day weekend.