Monday, 23 May 2016

weekend #21

Saturday was all about my father-in-law's wedding; we woke about 9am, had some breakfast and got dressed into our finery...

The ceremony was at 12noon at a local church, followed by the reception at a hotel just off Junction 28 of the M1 motorway...

Tom hasn't had the best relationship with his dad since his parents divorced when he was 13, so from that perspective it was an odd day, however the ceremony was lovely (and the food was delicious). I've never been to a wedding for an older couple before so it was nice to see the love in the air and the encouragement and support for the happy couple from everyone attending.

The evening do consisted of lots of drinking, more food, dancing, and messing about in the photo booth :)
We finally hit the hay around 1am.

 After waking about 8am on Sunday morning, I crept downstairs...

 ...and spent the next few hours catching up on some recorded TV while Hubby slept.

Before nipping to Aldi to do the week's shop, we did a quick tidy round but spent most of the afternoon chilling on the sofa watching Step Up. On the way back from Aldi, we called in at McDonald's (I was hungry and Hubs was hungover)...

Before heading to Hub's mum's house, where we spent the next few hours talking (and watching the birds) in the conservatory.

After a shower and changing the sheets, we collapsed into bed!

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