Monday, 9 May 2016

weekend #19

  A afternoon's shopping, good food, sunshine, family time and relaxation... this weekend could not have been more perfect.

After a late night for both Hubs and I on Friday (I was at the theatre watching Legally Blonde while Hubs was on his dad's stag do), we woke late on Saturday, had a quick breakfast (in the sunshine) and headed to Derby to find a few bits to complete our wedding outfits (for Hub's dad's wedding in two weeks)...
We got everything we wanted and more; the first shop I went in I got what I needed: shoes, a handbag and a fascinator. I also took advantage of the exceptional sale and treated myself to a new work bag. Hubs managed to get a tie and matching pocket square from Next, and I also treated myself to a new maxi skirt and black cardi from Primark. We really enjoyed our afternoon out in Derby - we chose to go there instead of Leicester because we knew how packed Leicester City Centre was going to be; not only were LCFC playing their last home game of the season, but they were also being presented with the Premier League trophy! From the photos and videos I've seen on Facebook, we were right to avoid the city!!

When we got home the heaven's opened!
Once the weather calmed down we headed out for a meal and hit the hay around 10pm. I think the late night on Friday combined with all the walking we did when shopping tired us out :)

We woke early on Sunday, probably due to the combination of sunlight and heat!

I enjoyed my breakfast outside on the patio again, before heading to our local B&M to get some compost, then on to Aldi to do the weekly food shop and buy some fresh salad stuff as my parents, brother and his girlfriend we're coming over for Sunday lunch, which, due to the heat, was chicken, new potatoes and salad - there was no way I was cooking a roast dinner in that heat!
While at B&M we also picked up a (temporary) cheap washing line; we're planning to buy a good washing line 
but not until the garden is complete, but the weather was too nice this weekend to not hang the laundry on the line!

Before everyone arrived I transplanted the sweet pea seedlings I'd planted at Easter; hopefully I can plant them into a container at the next Bank Holiday and watch them grow and bloom all summer long...

With such stunning weather, mum, Tom and I went for a walk across the fields near our house after dinner...


Once the sun had gone down and temps were falling, Hubs took the opportunity to finally test out our new fire pit...

It was glorious but over far too quickly!

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