Monday, 4 April 2016

weekend #14

 Some weekends I spend all my time at home; this weekend was not one of them...

Saturday started with a quick bite before discussing our garden plans with a local gardener who has provided us with a quote and estimated the time it will take to transform this:
Watch this space!

We have a bunch of busy weekends coming up so this weekend was the only time we had spare to hit our local city centre and shop for outfits for Hub's dad's wedding in May. Initially we were planning to shop for a a suit for Hubs and a dress for me but, as luck should have it, I actually found a dress by chance on Friday afternoon when I popped into M&S for a browse after doing the food shopping. So, Saturday was all about the suit, which we ended up buying, after lots of looking around and trying on, in Debenhams for £110. We also bought a waistcoat that matched my dress...
 How dapper does Hubs look though :)

We used to live ten minutes from the city centre; we now live 30 minutes away, so we made a day of it and actually ended up treating Hubs to some new t-shirts and jeans, as well as his suit. I also bought some new chill out clothes and pjs from Primark :)

We spent over five hours shopping, so it was understandable that we weren't up for much more than chilling on the sofa come evening, so after some delicious fajitas and nachos, we watched some TV (and iPad) and went to bed at a very respectable 11pm.

All that shopping obviously tired us out because we didn't wake on Sunday until 10am.

For breakfast I made us some poached egg muffins, before getting stuck into cleaning and tidying up...

Once we were washed and dressed, we headed over to my parents' house for a roast dinner...

...after which we headed out for a walk. The sun from earlier in the day had gone and the clouds had drawn in by the time we left the house but it was still warm enough to walk without a coat and there were signs of new life everywhere, from the buds on the trees and blooming flowers, to the baby lamb who didn't leave his/her mum's side...

It's funny how I hardly spent any waking hours at home this weekend but I still enjoyed it. I think it helps that we were at home pretty much all last weekend, and we've got visitors coming to us next weekend. I'm an introvert who enjoys spending the majority of time at home, so I'm pretty pleased that I had an enjoyable weekend despite not really being there. That being said... I'm looking forward to next weekend!

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  1. I love weekends like that! Busy but enjoyable. Beautiful pictures from your walk. Also what a great dress. It looks fabulous on you.