Tuesday, 29 March 2016

weekend #13: Easter

Four-day weekends are the best, aren't they?
I hope you all had a great Easter break. I did, despite the fact that my parents and Hub's mum and step-dad both went away for the weekend (albeit not together). It was lovely to spend so much time with Hubs, and we had Hub's youngest sister stay with us for a few days as she was visiting from Leeds, which was nice.

Friday started bright, and seeing as the weather people had given out rain for the rest of the weekend, I decided to crack on with a few jobs, including completing a blog post, planting some seeds (sweet peas, cosmos and sunflowers) and sorting out bits and bobs in order to start a spring clean...

Just before 1pm we tucked into some lunch, before cracking on with an upstairs spring clean and finally putting up blackout linings on our bedroom curtains (we still want the occasional weekend lay in during the summer)...

No Good Friday would be complete without a couple of tasty hot cross buns; I actually bought some traditional hot cross buns, as well as some double chocolate ones, which were absolutely de-lici-ous!
Although I didn't leave the house on Good Friday, it was a really lovely day; I got jobs ticked off my to-do list, enjoyed feeling the sun on my face while breathing in the fresh air and spent quality time with Hubby, who was feeling a little under the weather thanks to an office cold.

As predicted, Saturday started grey, dull and wet.

So, after a lazy morning, drinking tea, eating cereal and chatting with Hub's sister, we headed out for a spot of retail therapy. As I'm sure you've already guessed, I bought bits and bobs for the house, including new pizza trays, a garden planter, a light shade for the hallway, new (light blue) cushion covers and a boot cleaner, which now sits next to the front door...
... while Hubby treated himself to a new jacket, which I must say looks really smart and will be perfect for the summer. 

Knackered from five hours shopping, we had tea and collapsed on the sofa in front of the England/Germany game, before hitting the hay fully prepared to lose a precious hour of sleep for the arrival of British Summer Time.

Sunday started dull but not wet, thankfully.

With Hub's middle sister, her boyfriend and son due round at 2pm, we took the opportunity to do a spring clean downstairs on Sunday morning...

...while keeping one eye on the roast dinner (lamb and beef) cooking away in the oven :)

With full bellies (and after my gorgeous hairdresser cousin gave my mop a much-needed trim), we took advantage of the extra hour of daylight and went on a beautiful walk, where we were joined by my sister-in-law's friend, her two daughters and two dogs...

It was great to get out into the fresh air and to see the kids enjoying the mud and trees; Hubby often comments that kids spend too much time indoors, either watching TV or playing computer/App games these days, and our nephew is no exception, so it was wonderful to see these three children playing outside, laughing and running around like we used to when we were kids! (This is no judgement on parents, or parenting styles and I am aware that times have changed and it's no longer safe to let children play outside unsupervised all day like we used to, so please don't take offence; our opinion is based on what Hubby has observed as a Scout Leader over the past five years and is no reflection on your children #endofdisclaimer)

Once calm and quiet was once again the order of the day, we settled down, with the last of our hot cross buns, to watch The Theory of Everything, which we both loved - Eddie Redmayne is a fantastic actor!

It seems as if The Midlands escaped the wrath of Storm Katie, but we did wake up on Monday to rain, again!
After another relaxed morning, we said goodbye to our house guest and while Hub's was busy fixing his step-dad's computer, I raided a few cook books for some new, more summery meal ideas to incorporate into April's menu...

Computer fixed, we headed home for some lunch, and while I was busy editing my mountain of photos from the weekend, I had to stop a capture another rainstorm and subsequent rainbow...

What a great way to say goodbye to a fabulous four-day weekend!


  1. 4 day weekends are the BEST! You are right :) Looks like a fab easter and lots of yummy food and nice plans :) Jess xx

    1. Thanks, Jess; it was a great weekend! Hope yours was fab too x

  2. You really make the most of your weekends, I love it! All the food you cook looks delicious! I love the home decor you find. I need to start taking some tips from you about decorating. I love the little touches of color mixed with the nick-nacks. It all looks so pretty. Eek you reminded me that I need to find a hair dresser her once and for all. It's been almost a year since I have had my hair cut.

    1. Thanks, Jenna; I ate way too much food this past weekend! x