Monday, 21 March 2016

weekend #12

How is it Monday already?
Where did the weekend go? I'm just thankful that there are only four days at work before a nice long, hopefully sunny, Easter weekend

Saturday was dull and grey but better than the weatherpeople had predicted; Hubs started the day by giving our grass a much-needed cut.

I'm pretty impressed with our tiny patch of turf, seeing as we only watered it for a week or two when it was dumped on the ground in September and we've not touched it since. We've got plans for our garden, which will hopefully come to fruition before the warmest weather arrives :)

Around midday we decided to take a walk into town to buy some edging sheers and a feather duster :)
Before heading home, we stopped off for a treat at Costa...

Saturday was an odd day; the weather was so meh that I didn't really want to do anything (it actually made me feel quite low), so after our trip to town, I tidied the house a little and watched some TV while hubs nipped to Aldi. We had a bit of tea, then hubs did some ironing while watching the rugby and I struggled to keep my eyes open on the sofa. It's so funny how the weather can totally affect your mood; the weekends have been so sunny lately that I think I've become accustomed to bright sunshine, so I think the dull grey clouds threw me for a loop on Saturday...

...So I'm extremely thankful we woke up to these stunning blue skies on Sunday!
Seriously though, how gorgeous is this?!

Sunday started with a trip to church - no, I haven't found religion; my family gathered for a short ceremony for the internment my nana's ashes. It was a lovely service and my mum and aunts had another floral arrangement done to mark the spot while the plaque is being engraved.

Before heading out for a family meal, Hubs, mum and I took Izzy for a walk in the sunshine...  

After the meal, we called to see Hub's sister and admire her new decorating, before heading home to relax before hitting the hay.
I'm sooooo looking forward to a four-day weekend next weekend; I feel in need of a recharge and can't wait to spend four uninterrupted days at home with my boy.

Here's to a great week!


  1. I hate when the weather is yucky. I'm glad Sunday was at least good for you all. Beautiful sights on your walk.