Monday, 14 March 2016

weekend #11

Spring finally arrived this weekend, didn't it?
The weather was glorious, on both Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday morning, I enjoyed a long lay in until 10:30am - I didn't intend to sleep in that long, but I obviously needed it!

After a spot of breakfast we headed out for the day, and I hardly touched the camera; the only snaps of the day I have are from my phone. Firstly we nipped to Morrisons to buy some flowers, chocolates and beer for our friends, who we then went to see at their home in Nottingham. Life has been pretty busy for all of us lately (what with us moving and them raising a child) so we'd not seen one another properly for about six months, so it was lovely to catch up over some delicious lunch.

After a good few hours chatting, Hubs and I said our goodbyes and drove to a nearby Retail Park as I wanted to check out HomeSense, while Hubs would be satisfied with Ultimate Outdoors - oh, how men and women differ :)

I bought a few bits and pieces for the house, while Hubs treated himself to a new coat.
HomeSense Haul :)
Exhausted from our wonderful but kinda hectic day, we hauled our asses to Aldi to do the weekly food shop, then headed home, where I made Quorn fajitas for tea...
Flowers & chocolates for friends                                     Saturday evening tea for two

The sun shone even brighter on Sunday so we were up and about at 8:30am, unable to lay in with such a glorious day to be enjoyed outside. Between us, we tackled the cleaning and I found new homes for our HomeSense purchases... 
I really do love how much natural light floods into my home :)

Early afternoon my parents arrived, just in time for a roast lamb dinner :)

As usual after our delicious roast, we headed out for a walk into the sunshine and it was wonderful. There was the slightest cold breeze, but the sun shone high in the sky, fellow walkers wore thin coats like we did, and there were signs of new growth everywhere, from snowdrops to catkins.

After a good ol' dose of Vitamin D, we enjoyed a slice of cake and a cuppa in front of the footie. Hubs and I enjoyed half-an-hour's rest before his mum, stepdad, sister, nephew, sister's boyfriend, cousin and goddaughter came round.

Once peace returned, Hubs and I tidied up and headed upstairs to sort out the mountain of laundry that needed putting away (we've gotten so slack with putting this away this week)...

Once every last item was away, we put new sheets on the bed and collapsed, knackered but happy, after another great weekend!


  1. Your lamb dinner looks amazing! Getting out and about on a nice day is always good for soul.

    1. Thanks Jenna; I love a good sunny afternoon stroll :)