Monday, 7 March 2016

weekend #10

I'm kinda shocked that we're only just in double digits for weeks of 2016;
is it me or does Christmas/New Year feel like soooo long ago?

Friday night I caught up with some awesome friends over food and it was the first time all four of us have been together since way before Christmas; it was wonderful #awesomefoursomereunion

On Saturday, my bestie and I (along with her mum) hit up the NEC in Birmingham for the National Wedding Show...
My bestie got engaged just before Christmas and has set a date of 3rd June next year for her nuptials :) I'm excited, mainly because she always said she'd never get married, but also because she's tying the knot in Dorset, so we can make a little holiday out of her big day! 

The show gave her some great ideas, and lots to think about. I dragged her along to the same show in 2009 before I got married and we both noted that the show was now half the size of when we went for my wedding; we think it's because there are now three shows each season as opposed to two 'back in my day'.

When we got back, Hubs and I had a wander around Currys (and spent £1k in our heads), before popping to Macro, (where we actually did buy a few things). Once home, we chilled in front of the TV with a Chinese takeaway, followed by a bowl of ice cream.
Sunday was Mother's Day, so here's a look at what we bought my mum and Hub's mum...

After a roast (and two puddings #thanksbro) at my parent's house, Hubs, mum and I went for a long walk with Izzy through the fields and villages on mum's side of the county...
It was a bit muddy!
...before heading over to see Hub's mum, who loved her plant and earrings, before coming home to cut Hub's hair and collapse into bed. It's funny how some weekends, I can spend my entire time at home and love it and others I can spend my entire time out of the house and love it equally as much.

Another great weekend was over far too fast; roll on Easter and a four-day break!

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  1. Wow! These wedding show dress ideas are great and every dress is fabulous. I would love to buy that golden dress for my wedding. My best friend is helping me to book wedding venues and then will turn attention towards dress.