Wednesday, 2 March 2016

No-spend February: review

Back in this post I told you all about my plans for
 Well, seeing as today is 2nd March, I thought it was time to let you know exactly how I got on...

My month started good; I didn't buy any homes/interior magazines; I didn't buy anything for the house; I didn't buy any lunches from the sandwich van; and we even walked into town at the weekends so we didn't have to use the car, and therefore precious petrol.

However, I did overspend on food, and by the final weekend, I'd lost all motivation not to buy things; we had chips from the chip shop on Friday (27th) evening; bought lots of 'on offer' goodies from food to cleaning products, even though we didn't need them; and Hubs even bought Spectre on DVD!

I'm proud of us because we did manage to underspend on petrol; however, we overspent on food.

I'm proud because I didn't buy any magazines or give into the 'must-have' urge I often get when window shopping online; however, we do have a trip to Homesense in Notts planned for next weekend, so that kinda kept me going. 

I'm proud of myself for not buying lunch from the sandwich van; I took lunch to work every working day for the whole month and this is certainly something I think I can maintain for March too (so far so good).

I'm disappointed because I bought new shampoo and conditioner I didn't really need, even if my hair is driving me crazy right now - seriously, it's so oily and I can't cope with washing it daily but it looks terrible when I leave it two days! 

I'm also disappointed because I gave into my urge to buy a stippling brush, which also led to buying unnecessary brush cleaner!

I'm proud because we did save an extra £115 this month, but slightly disappointed in us because we could, if we'd tried harder and maintained our focus for longer, have saved an extra £250 this month. 

I guess any money saved is better than none, and we did save extra on top of our regular savings, so I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself, but I have to confess to feeling a little disappointed. How do you think you'd do with a no-spend month? Have you ever tried one? Have I inspired you to give it a go?

Head on over to Kelly's blog to find out if she fared better than I did :)

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