Wednesday, 16 March 2016

dig it

As regular readers will know, Hubs and I moved into a new build home in September; as well as having a blank canvas inside, we also have one outside. A small amount of paving was included, and three days after moving in, we bought some turf which was being thrown away by a neighbour, but other than that we've done absolutely zero to our outside space.

As the weather begins to warm up, our attention has turned to making the most of our garden. We know we can't achieve everything we want to this year, so the plan for 2016 is to get the two patios and the rest of the turf down (we may also paint the fence as I'm not a fan of brown). We can then look at getting a shed early next year and planting a raised bed and a few planters to give our outside space some colour. We honestly have not thought beyond that.

This is the plan we've come up with and are working towards:

As you can see, it's pretty basic and we as yet have no plans for the bottom right hand corner which borders the driveway and neighbours' garden, although we have kind of ear-marked this corner as wheelie bin storage - those monstrosities have to go somewhere.

And this is what we're working with:

Hopefully we'll get some quotes for doing the patios over the next couple of weeks and have them laid, along with turf, by the beginning of June. Once these are done, we should be able to enjoy our garden well into the summer :)

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