Monday, 29 February 2016

weekend #9

I can't believe it's Monday already.

Where did my beloved weekend go?

I think it feels like my weekend passed me by in the blink of eye because we did so much. As they usually do, Saturday started with a lay in and a quick breakfast.

After which we headed into town to run a few errands, and pick up a few bargains at Wilkinsons and Morrisons, before mooching over to Available Car to see what kind of styles were available within our budget. 
We're not looking to buy a new car right now but we probably will be looking seriously next year, so we wanted to get an idea of what exactly is available on the market, for how much. We sat in over one hundred cars (jokes, but it felt like it) but narrowed our favourites down to three different styles of Ford.

When we got home from window car shopping, I washed up, made a salad, and changed out my winter cushions (grey with a sparkly snow flake) for my spring cushions, which actually came with the sofa. I'm not sure I'm going to keep them for years to come, but they'll do for now.
I actually think I might buy some larger plain blue cushions for the sofa as I like to have two either side, and not the one in the middle (this middle cushion was originally bought with an armchair in mind, but we've not found the right armchair yet so it's awaiting to fulfil its cushion destiny right now) :)

Saturday night was spent eating delicious food, watching Spectre, painting nails, and catching up with hub's littlest sister who is at uni in Leeds, but was home for the weekend.

Sunday started with cleaning, but I didn't do a full clean because I knew my parents were coming over in the afternoon and they're messy sods... joking. It's actually because they were bringing Izzy, their beautiful border collie, who is malting, so I didn't see the point of hoovering twice.

Instead of cooking a roast, we decided to do steak for Hubs and dad, Quorn peppered steaks for me, and garlic chicken for my mum, who is not a fan of steak, followed by ice cream and this delicious dessert.

As usual, with full bellies, we headed out for a walk amidst the spring-like countryside...
I love how light it is staying now; the countdown is on to Easter when the clocks fall forward an hour :)

I do love the weekends; I love spending time with Hubs; I love catching up on the week with family; and I love getting to know our new home, a place we fought so hard to move to and own. I love writing these weekend posts because it's fun to look back on what's happened and what we got up to; I just wish I'd done it last year because this time last year we'd only just discovered the building development we now call home. I remember the stress, confusion and anxiety well, but it's such a part of our journey to this point, I wish I'd written it down.

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  1. This looks and sounds like good weekend to me!