Monday, 22 February 2016

weekend #8

I've been hoping for a while that the worst of winter is behind us and it really felt like it was weekend...
It seemed as if, despite the odd rain shower, we might finally be heading towards spring.

Saturday started bright, which we all know makes me fall more and more in love with my humble abode. Having kept the place tidy for the majority of the week, and getting my cleaning done on Friday afternoon, I came down on Saturday morning to a tidy and light house and my heart smiled.

After a spot of lunch, my parents came over to help us put up the picture ledges we bought from Ikea back in January. Obviously Hubs and my dad did the bulk of the work, while I supervised and cleaned up after them :)
Izzy loves playing with her very own tennis ball at our house - we think it's because it bounces well on the floor.

Once the ledges were on the wall, we headed out for a walk at Sence Valley, which was once a quarry and is now a country park with several lakes and an array of wildlife...

That's real British countryside right there!

Saturday night was made perfect thanks to pizza, lounging on the sofa and an early night; it's unbelievable just how crazy we get around these parts!!

Even after an early night, I made the most of a glorious lay in on Sunday...

Before getting up and rearranging the picture frames on the new ledges - I wonder just how many time I'll alter them over the coming weeks?

After enjoying a delicious roast dinner at my parents' house, mum, Izzy and I headed out for a walk amongst the mud and crocuses...

Family was definitely the theme of the weekend; I love soaking up these quiet and mild-weather weekends. They're like the calm after the storm of Christmas/winter, as well as the calm before the chaos of summer, where I generally feel like I'm wasting my weekends if I don't get out of the house and do something. Hopefully I can enjoy a few more before cracking on with our garden project!

Have a great week :)


  1. I love the decorations you have in your home! You have an eye for adding the perfect pop of color! I need to work on adding color to our own home. The park looks beautiful! Also I love your boots!

    1. Arw, thanks Jenna. I am by no means an expert at adding colour and am often a little scared to commit to a colour x