Monday, 8 February 2016

weekend #6

Do I need to start building an ark?

The weather this past weekend (and even as I write this on Monday morning) was awful; I didn't stop raining all day Saturday, so I took the opportunity to get loads of laundry done (thank god for a tumble dryer), catch up on some TV, complete a few jobs I've been avoiding, and generally enjoy my house.

The endless rain gave me the perfect opportunity to paint the legs of the hallway table I had made at the end of last year by a local company who specialise in reclaimed wood.
I used a sample pot of Annie Sloan's Graphite and added a bit of water and some Old White to create this grey colour. The horizontal support bar is going to be painted white - I'll probably do that next weekend.

Sunday started late...

..and featured a delicious roast dinner and thankfully, the rain held off long enough to enjoy a walk with my mum and Izzy...

This weekend may have been wet, but it was lovely. It'd been an emotional week with one thing or another, so it was nice to do the things that make us happy, even if that seems boring and mundane. 

Sometimes, boring and mundane is just what your heart needs.

Have a great week :)

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