Monday, 1 February 2016

weekend #5

Relaxation, celebration and reconnection were the orders of the day this past weekend.

On Friday night over food, I caught up with friends I've not seen since early December; we shared our Christmas memories, laughed at tales told, and congratulated a friend on her unofficial engagement.

The sun shone brightly on Saturday and I fell in love with my house all over again; I must sound like a broken record on these weekend posts but I love the light in this house. It seems like I discover a new favourite corner every weekend, depending on how the light hits.
It did make me wish the window cleaner would hurry up and visit though!

After collecting a big food shop on Friday night, I spent a few hours on Saturday preparing the weekly menu, as well as fruit portions for smoothies to go in the freezer, which is now fit to burst!

As we had friends visiting this weekend, we made the bed in the spare room and put blackout linings behind the curtains :)
Being a blogger is a funny ol' game sometimes; I love blogging about my weekends, and love reading about other bloggers weekends, so it's surprising to me that we had friends visit this weekend and I have no pictures from their time with us. We went out for food, followed by drinks with more friends, then the next morning we treated them to bacon rolls, and I don't have a single photo from their 18 hours with us :( #livinginthepresent

The majority of Sunday afternoon was spent on the sofa, catching up on shows we'd recorded throughout the week...
...but at 3:30pm we decide to head out for a walk and get some fresh air :)
Thank god for a black and white filter!

Here's to a great week,

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  1. Looks like another lovely weekend :) Tania xx