Wednesday, 24 February 2016

moving home: tips & tricks

"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail."

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do... trust me on that one. Hubs and I moved house in September 2015 and five months down the line, the thought of the stress and finance involves still frightens the heebie-jeebies outta me.

Since hearing the mantra above a few years ago, it's been my go-to when anything stressful, such as a job interview or moving house, has loomed. I found so many helpful tips and articles online that I wanted to share a few of the ones that helped me the most, as well as share a few of my own with you, so you can have the smoothest move possible.

Until you have an accepted offer on your home, make sure the house is always tidy; at one point we had full cupboards and a jam-packed loft space but the places prospective buyers could see (rooms and surfaces) were clean, minimal and de-personalised. Once you have accepted an offer, that’s the time you can pull all the junk outta the cupboards and loft and start sorting it.

Seriously de-clutter – who needs five spatulas or 20 tuppawear boxes – keep only the things you love. Get rid of things that are broken (recycling what you can) and then create two piles: a donation pile and a car boot pile. Drop off what you can to a local charity shop and do a car boot to get rid of the rest, as well as make yourself a bit of cash. We sold pieces of furniture via a local Facebook group and not only freed up space, but also made ourselves cash that came in handy when we couldn’t be bothered to cook or needed moving supplies; we got most of our boxes for free but I took the plunge and bought this set from Argos a month before we moved because I was worried we would run out of boxes.

Talking of boxes, turn your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, suitcases and anything else you can into storage – I filled laundry baskets with cushions and used one of those large blue Ikea bags for our bed linen, which also made it easier to find at the end of the long moving day!

Employ the colour-coding system; stick coloured stickers onto each box so you know which room they’re destined for. This will make unpacking easier as you’ll know all the blue stickered boxes are for the kitchen and all the red for the study, and so on.

Start as soon as you can but pace yourself. You're not going to be able to de-clutter your whole house within a week; you'll be lucky if you can do one room in that time. So take your time; do a drawer or a cupboard a day, that way you won't end up feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead. Don't try and take on the task alone either. Rope your other half into helping, even if they just do the tip runs/charity shop drop-offs; every little helps!

Make sure you determine which window treatments and what items of furniture you'll be taking with you and get rid of any that won't fit in your new home; there is absolutely no point in moving things and then getting rid - get rid before you move.

Make sure you defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving.

The day before you move, make sure you get a good night's sleep.

Wake up early, wear comfy clothes and enjoy a calm cuppa before the chaos of the day is in full swing.

I cannot recommend this enough but make sure you have a clear plastic box containing all the essentials (kettle, tea bags, Sellotape, scissors, mobile phone chargers etc.); it’ll make them much easier to find.

I would also recommend packing an overnight bag containing some shower essentials, clean PJs and clothes for the following day. You won’t be able to find a thing amongst all the boxes (no matter how clearly labelled they are) so make sure you have a few comforts to hand so you can have a shower and collapse into bed feeling tired but human at the end of the day.

We moved into a new build, which had been cleaned prior to us moving in, but if you’re moving in as another family is moving out, the first thing you’re gonna want to do is clean, so make sure your cleaning supplies are handy. Should I have needed them, mine would have been in a second clear plastic box so I could clean as I unpacked.

As you take apart certain things, like curtain rods or small items of furniture, make sure you place the screws/fixings into a food bag and Sellotape them to the furniture (or place them in your essentials box, labelled of course). I would also recommend taking a photo of the back of your TV before you unplug anything; this will help you get everything set up quicker on the other end.

I hate to say it but no matter how prepared you are, I'm pretty sure that if you wake up in one home and move all your worldly possessions to another in just one day, it's inevitable you'll be stressed, but if you adopt just a few of these tips and tricks then everything should go smoothly :)

Good luck!


  1. Get more packing boxes than you need. You will almost certainly have more stuff than you think you do, so make sure you over-cater with the boxes.

  2. I'll do your tips! Thanks! We'll be moving soon at and I am so excited!