Friday, 1 January 2016


There's no High Five for Friday post today as I'm spending the first day of 2016 chilling with my loved ones, but I'm not leaving you hanging; I have instead a post explaining something I'm planning to do here on this lil' blog throughout 2016...

Sporadically in 2015 I blogged about my weekends. Weekends filled with the simple and mundane, with the exciting and memorable, with the boring and everyday.

For 2016, I've decided to document each and every weekend.

I love reading about other bloggers weekends. I love seeing how different people spend their free time. So I'm going to be posting thoughts and photos (snippets and snapshots if you will) from my weekends every Monday for all 52 weeks of 2016; consider this your weekend post warning :)

As I get older, I realise that time rolls on, it goes by faster than you think and if you don't make the most of it, and document what you can when you can, whole months and even years may have passed you by! Our weekends aren't always action-packed, or even fun-filled, but they're ours. We get to spend quality time together, and I wanna make the most of these weekends before children come along - which could be this year, or next, or in five years from now, but until they do, I wanna make even more fantastic memories as a couple, memories that'll get us through the dirty nappies, late night feeds and sleep deprivation.

I wanna make sure I remember what life was like in our house, our castle, before mini-mes come along. I wanna remember pottering about, just the two of us, pleasing ourselves and doing the things that we love to do.

So, expect to see lots of countryside photos from weekend strolls in the countryside that sits a stone's throw from our front door. Expect to see photos of jobs being done around the house, of shopping trips to re-stock the cupboards, of fun and maybe new places we've visited, and of time spent with family and friends, doing things that make us happy.

Have a great weekend, the first of many for 2016!

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