Monday, 25 January 2016

weekend #4

Weekends really are my favourite time of the week...
I love spending time at home and other than getting out for a walk on Sunday, my entire weekend, all 48 glorious hours of it, were spent at home, doing things I love with the people I love.

Our Virgin Media has now been reconnected, so I spent an hour on Saturday morning catching up with the only soap I watch (while Hubs watched some footie on the TV, hence the headphones).

Saturday is a great day for me for getting chores done. I'm not that productive during the week, but I love getting a big clean, and loads of washing done on a Saturday...

While Hubby nipped out to the tip and to do the food shop (he's much better at sticking to a list than I am) I wrapped up his birthday presents (don't panic, he knows he's got trainers from me so this pic won't spoil anything), and once he was back he helped me stick up these chalkboard wall decals from Wall Pops - I love them, and they'll certainly do the job until Hubs can make us a real chalkboard...

Our evening consisted of pizzas, lazing on the sofa and retiring to bed at 10:30pm #rocknroll

It was our turn this weekend to have my parents over for Sunday dinner, so we cooked a pork roast with homemade yorkie puds, which were much more successful than Christmas Day.

After dinner and a delicious chocolate pudding with ice cream, mum, Hubs and I headed out for a walk across the fields...

Later in the evening, Hubby's mum, step-dad, sister and nephew called round for a spot of tea and a slice of early birthday cake :)

I hope your weekend was as good as mine.

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  1. I was stuck at work all weekend, but looks like you had a good one! Loving those wall chalkboard stickers! Tania xx