Friday, 22 January 2016

high five for Friday

Happy Friday, peeps.
It's been an odd one this week.

On Tuesday, I got the news that my beloved nana had passed away. It wasn't sudden and had been expected but it still threw me for a loop. I really do feel honoured to have known and been so inextricably shaped by this strong, funny and loving woman, who touched the lives of every one she met. I will miss her beyond words but take comfort in the knowledge that she is no longer scared, confused or suffering and is instead reunited with my pop-pops and her mam and dad. I am in awe of my mum, her sisters, and my cousins who are braver than they realise and stronger than I could ever be. 

In the spirit of counting my blessings no matter the situation, I would still like to take part in High Five this week, to focus on the good in life and remain positive...

1 | The snow last weekend was beautiful.
I'm grateful the weather has now warmed up, but it was beautiful to be transported to a magical winter wonderland, if only for one day.

2 | Our Wi-Fi, TV and phone is working again after being out for almost three weeks due to the builders accidentally cutting through the cables. It's such a 21st Century problem to be without Wi-Fi and to only have a handful of TV channels to watch but it was starting to get frustrating; I'm thrilled it's all working again.

3 | Supernatural & Arrow returned to screens this week :)

4 | I finally found, and ordered, a yellow throw blanket big enough for our bed; it should arrive in the next two weeks :)

5 | I'm looking forward to a productive and rejuvenating weekend, spent with those I love most.

Have a great one, whatever you do!

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