Monday, 11 January 2016

Weekend #2

Happy Monday, bloggers.
I hope you had a great weekend; I did, mainly because it was so productive and was spent with my favourite people...

Saturday started dull but dry, so after breakfast we jumped at the chance to nip into town and pick up a few bits, as well as nip into the local doctors to pick up some registration forms...

Although we've been in our new house for over three months now, there's still so much to do, especially as I'm adopting the mantra 'a place for everything, everything in its place', so this weekend we decided to tackle the spare bedroom and find places for a few more things that have spent the last 14 weeks in boxes. 
Spare bedroom on Saturday at 9am
Same bedroom at 5pm, almost ready for its first guests at the end of the month :)

Although the third bedroom is now more jam-packed with stuff than ever before, I know things have to get worse before they get better - the last three months has taught me that - so I'm hopefully for getting more stuff sorted and allocated a home next weekend.

We did manage to get our new bookcase put in its place this weekend, after I gave it a coat of wax on Friday afternoon.
I'll do a dedicated post about this soon :)

Amidst the chaos of unpacking boxes, Hubs had to investigate the loft to find the aerial box/cable so we can actually enjoy some TV. Turns out, when our Virgin Media went down last week, it was because the builders cut through the cables and it looks like it won't be fixed until around 20th January. And, as new houses don't come with aerials as standard, we needed to locate exactly where we could install an aerial.
He located said point, but is leaving the installation until next weekend when we have more time, so we currently have this fashionable set-up in the lounge...
Damn builders!

After all that work, it was time for some dinner...

 After dinner, we headed to bed, armed with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Sunday was bright and not too crisp; the sun was a welcome sight after all the rain of the previous night (and weeks). 

The morning sun shining into our bedroom and en-suite was beautiful...
The difference between this house and our previous one isn't even anywhere close; in our old home, the rooms we spent the majority of our time in (the living room and the bedroom) were both north-facing rooms, meaning the actually got very little light; well it's the total opposite in this house and it's amazing. It really makes my heart happy to live somewhere that is filled with light.

After a roast dinner and a slice of banoffee cheesecake at my parents' house (neither of which I photographed!), Hubs, mum and I headed out to walk Izzy in the afternoon sunshine...

After a cuppa tea and some chocolate biscuits (#byebyehealthyeating), we left my parents and headed to visit Hubs' mum; we stayed for an hour or so but were knackered so headed home... to bed!

Only five more days and we get to do it all over again; I love weekends!

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