Monday, 4 January 2016

Weekend #1

Happy Monday, blogland.
Well, it's back to business and normality after the festive break and I have to admit, I'm glad to be back in a routine (even if that routine does mean giving up lay ins and lazy afternoons).
I don't think I could have ended my break with a better weekend...

After waking relatively early (for a Saturday), we got ready and decided to take a short trip up the motorway to IKEA to buy a few bits and bobs for the house...
On our way :)
After a look around all the showroom areas, we hit up the cafe for some food :)
With full bellies, we hit the Market Place and Warehouse Arena before paying (and then crying at the size of the bill!)
Will it all fit in the car?!
After dropping our purchases off at home, we went out again to do a food shop; the healthy eating begins today, so we needed to stock up on fresh fruit and veg, as well as things for the freezer that aren't pizza! We also called into Argos so I could pick up a new lens for my camera, which I'd reserved, via my phone, the night before #technologyisawesome

After more food and a sit down, we got cracking, putting together some of the furniture we bought...
After two bar stools and a bedside table, we called it a night!

After a lay in, Hubs headed to Aldi to pick up a few bits we couldn't get from Asda on Saturday, while I cleaned up. Since we moved house, we've been alternating Sunday dinners with my parents; it's a little too far to travel to just meet for a walk, so we decided to take it in turns to visit and cook - usually a roast, however, we fancied something different today, and as it was our turn we did gammon steaks, egg, chips and peas for dinner...
It was a hit!
I had the veggie version after finding some Quorn Gammon Steaks in the freezer section at Asda :)

After dinner, mum and I took Izzy on a walk in the rain...
I love the fact that this countryside, which is glorious even on a wet and windy day like yesterday, 
is just a stone's throw from our home!
...while dad and Hubs put together our new Ikea chest of drawers :)

Once mum and dad had gone home, Hubs tucked into some bacon sandwiches while watching the darts, while I made a soup for lunches this week and chopped up some fruit - the healthy eating will begin today!
A sneaky pic Hubs took!
Our weekend ended with showers and a not-early-enough night, ready for the dreaded return to work!

How was your weekend?


  1. OMG I Love that Ikea dresser! I almost bought the exact same one!