Wednesday, 16 December 2015


With just a week left until I finish work for 2015, and nine sleeps until Santa comes, I thought I'd spend today 
making a list of what I still have left to do to be ready in time for Christmas..

  • Write Christmas cards - DONE
  • Post Christmas cards - Hubs is posting these at lunchtime today :)
  • Buy presents - DONE
  • Wrap presents - I've wrapped the first lot :) but still have another bunch to do tonight

This year, we're having my parents and younger brother over for Christmas lunch and Hub's mum and step-dad over for tea in the evening, so we have slightly more to do than usual. 
  • Buy turkey - DONE
  • Order veg - emailing at lunchtime
  • Plan who is buying what food with my mum - DONE
  • Buy Christmas food - DONE
  • Buy Christmas drinks - DONE
  • Buy Christmas Eve breakfast - I just need to buy some bagels and sausages
  • Book the window cleaner - we're getting the number for a guy from Hub's mum later today
  • Clean the house - Hubs is doing this this time next week as he's off work
I think that's everything; am I forgetting something because that list doesn't seem all that long? #help

I know for many people, Christmas is a time for Jesus, for religion, for God. However, I don't identify with any specific religion, so for me, Christmas is about spending quality time with the people dearest to me: my parents, my brother, my husband, my in-laws, my extended family. Christmas is a time, hopefully, filled with good food, lots of laughs, time spent enjoying one another's company, reflecting on the past year and discussing hopes for the year ahead. 

I love Christmas; it leaves me feeling nostalgic for 'Christmases past', yet at this stage of my life it also leaves me feeling hopeful for 'Christmases future' when I have kids of my own to form traditions with and make memories that'll last a lifetime. 

I've seen this 'Christmas to-do list' floating about on social media and thought it'd be good to share :)

Happy hump day!


  1. I felt like I was ahead of the game and yet now I find myself scrambling to get everything finished. I have every confidence that you will get it all done!

    1. I also felt ahead of the game; I think I'm breaking even now - all presents are wrapped and delivered and all Christmas food and drink has been purchased :) we'll have a fab Christmas with our men and families by our side no matter what! xx