Friday, 18 December 2015

high five for Friday

Happy Fri-yay, peeps.
It's the Friday before Christmas and I'm officially counting down to the big day; I've got three days left at work but Hubs finishes at 5pm today, so I have a list of jobs for him to do while I'm at work :) I'm a good wife like that!

Anyway, on with today's order of business...

1 | Last Friday's work's Christmas do was all kinds of fun; I only took one photo whilst I was there and it's super dark so here's a selfie of me before I left the house

2 | On Saturday, we got our bedroom carpet fitted :) 
We actually, through a mistake by the company providing said carpet, got the other two bedroom carpets fitted too, so Saturday afternoon was an unexpected nightmare; it felt like we'd moved in all over again because everything was everywhere upstairs. We got sorted and collapsed into bed at 11pm.

3 | On Sunday, after the chaos of Saturday, we had a great day making a roast dinner, spending time with family, and finally putting on our festive bedsheets :)

4 | Oh, I totally forgot; Hubs was stopped by a random lady in Morrisons on Saturday who told him he looked like Danny Dyer! He doesn't, but it was sooo funny!

5 | This weekend, I'm looking forward to finishing my gift wrapping and delivering a few presents; I'm looking forward to starting a furniture makeover project that I'm hoping to share in the new year; and I'm looking forward to getting in the festive spirit, because I'm not actually feeling all that festive yet - I think it's the mild weather!

Have a great weekend!