Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thoughtful Thursday #1

Frustration (noun)
"the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something."

We moved house seven weeks ago. We’ve achieved a lot in that time; we have curtains up, flooring down everywhere but the bedrooms, and majority of the boxes unpacked.

However, my frustration levels are still relatively high.

Our bedroom came with a single wardrobe – although the developers class it as a double because, and I kid you not, it has two doors! So, we’re having said wardrobe extended into a proper double wardrobe and altered to sliding doors. This is booked in for 7th/8th December. Because of this wardrobe issue, we have yet to have our bedroom carpet fitted, which is now booked in for 12th December.

Downstairs, our utility worktop is covered in boxes. We’re waiting for extra wall cupboards and shelves in there, as well as a kitchen breakfast bar to be fitted, which will also take place on 7th/8th December. I’m so eager for this to be completed so I can unpack these boxes and use my kitchen more effectively – there never seems to be enough worktop space!

I know things are progressing, and I understand hubby when he says there’s nothing more we can physically do because the jobs that now need doing are for skilled craftsmen, of which we are not. I understand all this, but it does little to alleviate my frustration.

I’ve never been very good at having patience.

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