Monday, 2 November 2015

focus: month ten

 How is it 2nd November already?
No seriously, how? I feel like I only just started my healthy eating/focusing on me and my health month and it's over already. I'm not sure I'm ready for this to be over, for me to move onto a new, and final, 'focus' for 2015. 
So it's not! 

I'm going to continue with my healthy eating/focusing on me and my health for November too, but I'm going to focus more on exercise, as I haven't actually done much this month. I've done pretty good with making healthy choices when it comes to food - if you ignore the birthday chocolate I ate last week - but I've still not managed to get into a routine when it comes to exercise. 

Well, now the nights are dark, I think it's time; there's nothing fun outside distracting me from getting at least a 20-minute work out done three times a week. So that's my new goal, to continue eating healthy AND to exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week. 

I have succeeded in trying two new recipes this month; I made a creamy tomato pasta dish, which probably wasn't all that healthy because it had quite a bit of cheese in, but it was new and got me actually cooking so I'm classing that as a win. 

And I made tuna burgers using this recipe, minus the mayo, and they went down extremely well :) I also have plans this week to try a new slow cooker recipe for a veggie lasagne, based on this pin.

If you have any great YouTube exercise channels tips, feel free to send them my way and we'll see if I'm in an exercise routine by 2nd December - fingers crossed!

Have a great Monday, blogland!

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