Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas haul

As most of you know, Hubs and I moved house exactly two months ago today 
(whoa, where has that time gone?!).

This will be the first Christmas of many in this home, so I've treated us to a few new decorations, mainly because I can but also because we have a little bit more room now, so we can have two Christmas trees, some outside lights, and decorations in the hallway :)

Snowy 6ft Larch White Christmas Tree
This tree is destined for the dining area of our kitchen diner and I'm planning to just cover it in lights, no decorations of any kind; I want it to look like an outside tree - the picture I have in my head would be complete if we awoke on Christmas morning to snow!

Nodding Reindeer Silhouette
I've always loved these kind of outside lights; I think they're classy and not too OTT like some outside Christmas lights can be. I think I will buy this guy a friend next year and they'll sit atop our bay window, but this year the front lawn will have to do.

Glitter Reindeer
An impulse buy, this little guy is probably going to stand atop a table in the hallway, in which I have plans to create a simple winter wonderland, with a select number of white and silver decorations.

Stag Cushion
The Range (can't find online)
I love cushions - hubby tells me off for buying so many - and when I saw this I had to have it; it sums up the homeware trends for Christmas 2015 for me, with the tartan and the stags head.
Stag Bedding
Stags are simply everywhere this Christmas, so it seemed like a good idea to invest in some bedding that we can use for three weeks of the year - no, I do not have more money than sense :) I love buying new bedding sets and as I've made a promise to stick to white bedding for 49 weeks of the year, I figured some festive bedding would be ok for the remaining three :)

Noel sign
The Range (can't find online)
I just thought this was cute and for £5.49, I could hardly say no :)

Musical Snowglobe
TK Maxx (can't find online - similar here)
I wasn't going to buy this because I thought it was quite expensive at £12.99, but I'm so pleased I did. It makes me feel like a child again - I just hope it doesn't break before I have children of my own :)
Christmas Candle
I absolutely love candles, especially during the winter but I rarely seem to be able to find a festive scent I like, until now. This one smells divine and looks great too #winwin

Olaf decoration
M&S (can't find online)
I loved Frozen; for me it was old school Disney, so when I saw this little guy I had to buy him, and another for my six-year-old nephew :) He's gonna look so cute hanging on the tree!

Ice Skate decoration
M&S (can't find online)
I always theme my Christmas tree red and gold - to me they're such beautiful traditional Christmas colours, so when I saw this traditional ice skate I had to buy it, plus it was 3 for 2 on hanging tree decorations and I had two Olafs in my hand, so I had to buy this one too!

Have you bought any new decorations for 2015?

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