Monday, 12 October 2015

my weekend

Happy Monday bloggers.
How was your weekend? Mine was great; so much was achieved...

We had our stairs carpet laid on Saturday :)

We got curtains up in our master bedroom & slept in there for the first time last night :)

I also bought some bedding (not pictured above) from The White Company at Bicester Village where I got an extra 20% off the outlet price, so it was a bargain! 

We also had my parents over for roast dinner on Sunday, followed by the in-laws for tea; it was a success, which means I don't have to do it again until next year, right?! #entertainingisstressful

Our new house is starting to feel like a home!


  1. So happy to see the house it taking shape! Love the carpet :) Tania xx

    1. Arrww you're too sweet, thanks hun x

  2. I love how big the window is in your master bedroom!